30 Baby Animal GIFs You Absolutely Must See

Time to take a breather! You know you’ve been working your mind overtime, and you deserve to slurp up a little soul food before moving on to the next big thing on your to-do list. Take a look at these 30 baby animals GIFs that are cute, funny, and just the right amount of distracting. You absolutely must see what these sweet creatures are up to.

1. These Baby Goats Scampering Around

Are they playing, or are they getting attacked by mosquitos? If it’s the latter, I hope that I also look this cute running from bug bites!

2. This Sleepy Kitten Falling Over

Sweet little friend. Just snuggle up on the couch! Have you ever gotten so tired you just fell over?

3. This Baby Koala Hitching A Ride

That feeling when you make a new, really ambitious friend who says you can take on the world together. “Well, I believe you friend, but only because I’ll be here for your emotional support every step of the way.”

4. This Baby Hippo Getting Scared By A Leaf

Never come right at me when I’m eating a snack! You know that’s terrifying! How am I supposed to prepare for something I can see coming?

5. This Teeny-Tiny Baby Octopus

Is this little guy straight just made of magic? Look at its beautiful little legs! Look at its squishy little brain! Look at it wiggle!

6. This Penguin Chick In A Hurry To Get To ‘Work’

I can’t get over this one. He’s in such a little rush! Wouldn’t want to miss that meeting. He’s a very important penguin, after all.

7. This Lion Cub Slipping Off The Pole

It seemed sturdy when he bit the metal pole, but the slippery texture of said metal was a new discovery when he tried to climb it.

8. This Baby Turtle Trying To Fly

Chase your dreams baby turtle! Prove us all wrong! Turtles can fly! We just haven’t seen it happen yet.

9. This Puppy Who Loves To Cuddle Its Baby

Can I please be that baby!!! The puppy loves him so freaking much!! Wait for the little face smush.

10. This Little Goose Falling Over

Silly goose, jumps are for kids!

11. This Baby Panda Using Its Mom As A Slide

When the zookeeper doesn’t get you so you have to improvise. Maybe they’ll get the hint if I just show them what I’ve been thinking…

12. This Baby Pig Repping Elvis

Thank you, thank you very much. The new do is really working for me. Can I air dry? What kind of special products will I need to replicate this?

13. This Dog Bottle-Feeding A Lamb

This dog is so maternal! Is it a one time thing, or does it happen every time the lamb gets hungry? These are the answers we need to know right now.

14. This Little Chick Dozing Off In The Afternoon Sun

What? No! I’m not sleeping, I’m just smelling the ground! Haven’t you ever seen a chick smell the ground before? We eat like this. It’s not that weird.

15. This Elephant Calf Who’s Still Finding Its Feet

Run, run, run. Who put my feet there? No, I’m okay. It’s good. I can stand back up. (Please help).

16. This Little Foal Who Wants To Show Us A Cool Trick

Hey mom, check out how I can run into a somersault. Isn’t that fun? I’m still working on the recovery.

17. This Cat Playing Jack-In-The-Box

How many cats do you know that would duck as opposed to immediately attacking your hand? This is remarkable and exceptional. I love this cat in this Pringles’ can with my whole dang heart.

18. This Bear Cub Who Can’t Get That One Hair Out Of Its Mouth

Anyone? Relatable? You can never freaking find it!! I can’t imagine trying to find it without opposable thumbs. That’s just impossible.

19. This Sweet Baby Monkey With The Big Brown Eyes

I don’t know what I love more: his sweet little look or the way he’s just calmly teething on the fruit.

20. This Lil’ White Tiger Cub Scaring His Mama

Surprise beach! Oh sheet, she feisty. I’ll just go over here now.

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21. This Snuggly Baby Rhino’s Chubby Little Run

I’m comin’ ma, don’t you worry. Right behind you.

22. This Spastic Little Bunny Who Can’t Wait To Congratulate You

You did it! You got it! You can do it! You’re the best! I wouldn’t be this excited if I didn’t think so!

23. This Baby Goat Playing Peek-A-Boo With It’s Ears

Oh wow, it’s a whole new world out here! Thanks for helping me see it that way.

24. This Little Piggy Getting A Bath In A Bidet

If you can’t think of a purpose for your bidet because you’re American and those seem weird, just wash your piglet friends in it. It’s the perfect size, and the drain makes for easy clean-up.

25. This Playful Duckling Making A Whirlpool In A Sink

Have you ever seen a duck playing in river currents? They are so freaking adorable! They use them like little slides!

26. This Kitten On Its Way To Hogwarts

Ten points to Gryffindor for the cutest new wizard. Who do you think will be her first friend?

27. This Sweet Little Seal Pup Itching Its Nose

Hello, friend. Oh no, I wasn’t scratching my nose. I was just going for a wave because I totally saw you standing right there.

28. This Tiny Wombat Scurrying In The Save The Day

“Don’t worry! I’ll lead you to safety! My mom showed me how!” -the wombat family rescue team.

29. This Baby Kangaroo Scratching Its Furry Little Tummy

No thanks, no snack for me. I’m already full, see! My belly’s all full.

30. This Snuggly Little Puppy Wrapping Its Own Burrito

If they won’t cuddle you, you cuddle yourself. That’s the rule. Especially when you can burrito yourself up so effectively.

These sweet baby animal GIFs make the best soul cleansers. What type of baby animal do you think it the cutest?!

Feature Image Source: via Pexel @jimbear, https://www.pexels.com/photo/photography-of-a-baby-monkey-eating-vegetable-1000529/
GIFs: Giphy.com
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