25 Awesome Zombie Gifts Under $25

Do you know someone who just can’t get enough of zombies? Or can you, yourself not get enough of the un-dead? Well, look no further. Keep reading for a list of 25 zombie gifts under $25 that you can’t go wrong with!

1. A handy Zombie Survival Guide.

This book is an essential for anyone who plans on surviving the zombie apocalypse—guaranteed to save your life!

I am obsessed with zombies, and these are really the best gifts under $25!

2. How about a game of Zombie-Opoly?

For those who love zombies, you can never go wrong with a zombie-themed game of monopoly.

3. This useful Zombie Bottle Opener.

Leave it to the zombies to serve up your favorite beer.

4. This trendy Evolution of Man Shirt.

Every zombie lover knows that mankind doesn’t stop developing at homo sapiens.

5. Some Plush Zombie Slippers to keep your feet warm.

These slippers will look like you’ve got zombies eating your feet!

6. This fascinating read: Where’s The Zombie?

Have you already found Waldo? Now it’s time to search for zombies.

7. Some Zombie Body Scrub.

Peel off all that dead zombie skin from your zombie-obsessed friend!

8. Sip your morning coffee through this Zombie Apocalypse Mug!

“The hardest part about the zombie apocalypse is pretending I’m not excited”
Let’s be real—you know a person or two who just can’t wait for the zombie apocalypse!

9. Or maybe some snazzy Zombie Shooting Targets?

The best way to prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse is to practice shooting these zombie targets.

10. Hungry? Try some Zombie Jerky.

A perfect snack for a zombie themed party!

11. Thirsty? Try a Zombie Blood Drink.

Have you ever wondered what zombie blood tasted like?

12. How about a fun Zombie Dice Game?

A simple ten to twenty minute dice game you can play anywhere with your zombie obsessed friends.

13. Some really decorative Zombie wall art.

Have you ever felt like there was something lacking in your office? It was probably the brains.

14. A Zombie doorstop…as if that would keep them out.

What’s more snazzy than stopping your doors with the un-dead?

15. Zombie Apocalypse Cookbook… you never know.

You gotta learn how to cook with your rationed food while your hometown is overrun by zombies!

16. Bake some brains with these Zombie baking cups.

Speaking about cooking, these baking cups are perfect for baking brains to eat.

17. Mold some jello with this Zombie Brain Jelly Mold.

With this mold, you can create gooey gelatin brains.

18. These useful Zombie Bookends.

If you’re stocking up on zombie apocalypse survival guides, you’ll need these zombie bookends to go with them.


19. Send someone this Zombie Birthday Card.

How could you go wrong with greeting your pal with a zombie?

20. Spend some time lost in this Zombie Coloring Book.

Who doesn’t like coloring books, especially when you get to color zombies?

21. This Zombie car magnet.

Now it’s official.

22. How about an adorable stuffed Zombie Bear for Valentine’s Day?

This zombie bear shows your zombie-obsessed loved one just how much you love them.

23. A useful desk decor item: a Zombie Pen Holder.

Your office desk could use some zombie décor.

24. Musically talented? How about some Zombie guitar picks?

These are a great gift for zombie lovers who play guitar!

25. Hit the beach in this Zombie Bikini!

Even when you’re relaxing on the beach, it can’t hurt to remind yourself that a zombie apocalypse can break out anytime.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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25 Awesome Zombie Gifts Under $25

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