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5 Awesome Tips For Organizing Your Closet

5 Awesome Tips For Organizing Your Closet

Organizing your closet and cleaning it out is truly a daunting task, but once you clear out the unnecessary items and organize your favorite pieces, it will be easier to get ready. Picture a world where all of your favorite pieces are easily accessible and there’s room to fit all of those new shoes you bought at 2 a.m. that one night; it could be your reality if you take the initiative (and time) to clean out your closet. Not convinced? Keep scrolling for five reasons and awesome tips to get rid of all those old sweaters from freshman year of high school and finally start organizing your closet!

Organizing your closet is so satisfying!

It’s not always easy finding the perfect outfits to wear in a messy closet…

You’ve probably had one or two mornings when you just stare at your wardrobe. It’s not easy to find a bomb outfit when you’re rummaging through old items you haven’t worn since sixth grade. Who knows, you might even find some old gems amidst the “no” pile you forgot you had. But be practical with the ones you choose to keep, and focus on the present.



1. Turn your hangers the opposite way once you wear an item of clothing.

Give yourself a few weeks before you even start to think about organizing your closet, and make sure all your clothes hangers are facing the same way in your closet. Once you wear an item of clothing, make sure you turn your hanger’s hook the opposite way from the rest. After a month or so, your entire closet so have different hanger positions.

Seek out the clothes that you evidently hadn’t touched and take them out of your closet.


2. Then ask yourself these questions:

Prepare mentally, and grab a friend to help you sort through your “un-worn” clothes in your closet. For each article of clothing, ask yourself these questions…

If I were shopping would I buy this?

Have I worn this in the last 3 months, (let alone not in the last month)?

3. Take the time to browse your recently pinned outfits that inspire you.

Go browse your most pinned, liked, and re-blogged outfits that inspire you. This is will be a road map to sorting through your closet. Our style develops and changes over the years, but we still hold onto things because we think we might wear it again, or we saw someone else rock it well. Try to be authentic to your style and what makes you feel confident and comfortable.


4. Go through and make a list of whatever you are still missing.

Once you have separated the clothing you know you probably will not wear anymore, go through and make a list of whatever clothing items you need and/or are missing.

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Organizing your closet means more space to treat yo’self! When you clear out all of the clothing that has been gathering dust or sitting in the back for years, you will see that you have will have a lot more clarity on what you actually need to purchase. So now you have a reason to treat yourself to some new pieces for the season.


5. Donate or sell all of your old clothing you don’t wear anymore!

After you sorted through the piles of clothing, you probably ended up with a lot more “NOs” than you anticipated.


This will be the easy part; now all you have to do is decide what pieces you want to sell if you need some extra cash, and which ones you plan on giving away. The most rewarding thing to do is to give back to your community, so drop off your clothing to one of these places around town:

Blue/ A Goodwill Boutique/ – 118 E Main St Kent, OH

The Salvation Army – 268 W Main St Ravenna, OH

Family & Community Services Inc. – 3377 St Rd 59 Ravenna, OH

Or if you want to try and sell some items, give eBay, Craiglist, and second time around consignment stores such as Plato’s Closet a try!

What are some other great tips for organizing your closet? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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