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10 Awesome Tips And Tricks For Your Summer Road Trip

10 Awesome Tips And Tricks For Your Summer Road Trip

10 Awesome Tips And Tricks For Your Summer Road Trip

As the warm weather continues to charm us at this time of year, a summer road trip is the perfect holiday to take to enjoy this sunshine while it lasts. A road trip is no easy feat though, so here are 10 awesome tips and tricks for your Summer road trip.

1. Travel With Friends

There is nothing wrong with taking a road trip on your own, in fact solitude can facilitate some of our greatest memories. But this Summer with the heat and the number of kilometres you are set to travel it is a better idea to travel with friends. Grab some of your best girlfriends and have fun planning where the road will take you! The greatest joy of a road trip is the memories you will make along the way.

2. Bring Lots Of Snacks

Regardless of how far you plan to travel it is important you stock up your back seat with plenty of food for the road. This ensures you won’t have to stop unnecessarily and you will save money by not buying food along the way. The best snacks to take are those that you can package and reseal so you won’t have to worry about them expiring – chips and lollies are a go-to for any road trip! Make sure you cater for your sweet tooth and those savoury cravings.


3. Bring A Cooler

Do not forget to bring a cooler of some kind! A cooler is perfect for storing food and drink, keeping your items cold and helping to ensure you all remain cool in the warmer weather. If you are feeling particularly hot you can also keep a spare t-shirt or singlet in this cooler, ready to change into when you need to feel refreshed. A cooler is the perfect travel partner on any road trip!

4. Plenty Of Water

This seems like a given but in the excitement of packing up the car it is easy to forget some of the more important things. Drinks are one of the more important items you’ll need to bring for a road trip, water in particular. A drink bottle is a good solution for water, you will be able to fill this up along the way without spending money you would rather keep for the activities you have planned. It is easy to get dehydrated in the Summer months so save yourself and come prepared with plenty of drinks – store them in your cooler!

5. Map Your Route

Spontaneity is appealing but it is also how you get lost. It is safest and smartest to map the route you will take for this road trip in advance. You can opt for either a paper map or a mapping app, it can be useful to have access to both! This will give you a clear idea of where you are travelling, what you can stop at along the way and what your goal is. While you are driving you can make small changes to this plan but having a grander idea is helpful for any road trip, so map your route before you leave!


6. Have A Designated Navigator

Following on from the last trick, having a designated navigator is particularly helpful while on a road trip. You can take turns playing this role but ultimately it makes sure someone is always responsible for the direction in which you are travelling and allows the driver at the time to concentrate on the road.

7. Plan You Refuel Stops

There is nothing worse than running out of petrol on a hot day in the middle of no where. For this reason it is a great idea to plan where you will stop to refuel before you leave. This ensures you will not break down or be put into an uncomfortable situation you can avoid. Most popular mapping apps these days work without internet and will show petrol stations you will be passing – utilise this feature to make sure you road trip remains predicament free.

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8. Make A Playlist

There is nothing better than singing along with your best friends in the car. This road trip make sure you have your favourite music available and make a playlist to keep you all in a fun-loving mood! Spotify is a good app for this, as is apple music. Music is what makes the world go round and it makes any road trip infinitely more enjoyable particularly when you hit those longer stretches of roads.

9. Pack Your Belongings In Soft Bags

It is a good idea to pack light for a road trip with friends, but it is also helpful to pack your belongings in soft, duffle style bags. This makes your belongings malleable and able to be moved and in some instances used for comfort. Luggage is often hard to manoeuvre and can be uncomfortable to sit beside. Soft bags however can double as a pillow for that person who must sit in the back sit with everything you’ve decided to bring.

10. Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses

Last but not least, a great tip for your road trip is to bring sunglasses! The sun can be blinding on the road and a pair of glasses helps to deflect the rays that will be belting the road you’re driving on. No road trip is complete without your favourite pair of sunnies! Remind your friends and get the perfect selfie with you all in your glasses, it will make for a popular instagram post to remember the road trip you are about to take!


Are you planning to take a road trip this Summer? What friends will you bring and where will you go? Let us know in the comments! Help others out by telling us your best tips and tricks for a road trip and what your favourite road trip memory has been below.

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