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10 Awesome Snow Day Date Ideas You Can Do On Campus

10 Awesome Snow Day Date Ideas You Can Do On Campus

So you have that special someone, but now you don’t have any idea what to do during the winter (besides cuddling!) that could also be free. You might be surprised by how simple dates can be during one of the most romantic time of the year! Keep reading for 10 awesome snow day date ideas you can do on campus!

1. Make a fort!

Who says forts aren’t for adults?! Bring out ya’lls inner child and build a huge fort, decorate the inside all cute and girly or Christmas-y!! watch movies inside, take pictures, take naps, the ideas are endless!


2. Find a winter festival.

Some campuses throw little festivals for the seasons or holiday, all depending where you go and how festive the student life is willing to be. But if there is one on campus or near it, take your date out and experience new things! This is also a great time to find out what the locals do for fun as well and meeting new friends.


3. Find your inner photographer! Or your inner model!

Maybe you have always wanted to be a model but were too shy, but now you can be! Just have your SO be the photographer while you pose away (: oorrrrr, if you’ve always wanted to a photographer now is the chance to get the perfect shot to start your career!


And if neither is your or your SO’s dream, then ya’ll could just have someone take romantic winter pictures, hehe!

4. See all the Christmas lights around your campus or city.

Maybe your campus is extra festive and goes all out with the Christmas lights and decorations or maybe the city your college is located, but either way, going out for a walk around campus or town (depending how much cold you can handle) or a drive would be a great way to get into the Christmas spirit!


5. Of course, snow angels!

Love the outside? Love the snow? Why not bring back childhood memories and make snow angels with the love of your life! Or maybe it’s the first time you’ve ever seen snow and have always wanted to make a snow angel (take quick action in being a young adult-child with each other, I promise no one is judging!)


6. Build a gingerbread house.

Maybe ya’ll decided to stay inside to be warm, but want something fun and challenging to do. Try making gingerbread houses! You don’t have to follow the instructions that come along with the kit (unless you just want too!), you can always bring out your inner architect and design some of the sickest gingerbread houses yet!



7. Have a snowball fight.

Again, who says playing in the snow is JUST for kids?! Relieve some final exam stress together by having a snowball fight!

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P.S.~ don’t get too carried away if you have a professor you might not get along with! You might hurt each other lol!


8. Cuddle up by the fire place.

Ahh… the perfect and simplest date night. But who doesn’t love cuddling and fireplaces?? So warm, quiet, and so intimate…till someone falls asleep and snores! You can always pretend with a video of a fireplace on the computer.


9. Hallmark Christmas movie marathon.

Time to whip out the classics and cheesy movies of all times! Thanks to hallmark, we all expect a love story like they show over and over and over again just in different time plots.

10. Have a Christmas themed photo booth.

Time to be cute, romantic, and goofy all at the same time! Just set up a few things, add some props and let the photo shoot begin!

11. Make a puzzle together.

Something more challenging and time consuming, yet a learning experience with each other no matter how big or small the puzzle is!


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