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Awesome Ponytails

Awesome Ponytails

All you will need to create this look are a few bobby pins, a hair elastic, and some hairspray! Read on to learn how to make one of the best ponytails!

To create awesome ponytails like this one, just grab some hairspray, bobby pins, and a hairband.

How to:

1. Create a horizontal part on your head, as if you were doing a “half up ponytail.”

2. Use a wide comb and spray it with your spray.


3. Use the comb to tease the top portion of your hair.

4. Grab some bobby pins to pin the top portion into a “poof.”

5. Then grab the rest of your hair and put your hair into a ponytail.

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6. If the bobby pins mess up, take them out and re-do them.




What are your tips for awesome ponytails? Let us know down below!