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6 Awesome Pairs Of Geometric Earrings

Geometric earrings are a thing. No, they’re not a sweat-inducing maths problem, they’re simply bold and beautiful outfit-makers. Here are 6 of the most awesome, budget-friendly pairs in town!

1. Wood And Resin Statement Earrings, DesignB

When life is a blur of exams, parties and quarter-life crisis drama, simplicity can be deeply appealing. These gorgeous earrings are little pieces of modern art for your ears: one crisp, ivory rectangle layered over another, tortoiseshell rectangle.

Their soft tones are ideal for that bare-faced look, enhancing your natural radiance rather than detracting from it. Better yet, their sculptural architecture is your best friend if you want to create a contoured visage, but don’t like using heavy make-up. Ah, geometric bliss, you make everything feel alright.

Get them here:

2. Shell Drop Hoop Earrings, Topshop

Put these ear-parties on and feel like one of Warhol’s muses circa 1969. They’re just so wonderfully…green! And vibrant! And they demand to be partnered with a dramatic cat-eye plus nude lip.

We all have those outfits that, yeah, are nice and all, but simply lack something. You know, the cute dress (tags still on) that looks OK but kind of blends into the wallpaper? These geometric colour pops will fix your problem. They are the Olivia Pope of the earring world: (fashion) crisis manager extraordinaire.

Get them here:

3. Silver And Gold Square Earrings, River Island

A fun starter pair of geometric statement earrings for the nervous novice. Not too big, not too post-modern, not too bright. Their rippled silver and gold glow will add some low-key glamour to any outfit and brighten dull skin.

Don’t underestimate the power of jewellery to revive a tired complexion! If you stand in a golden pool of light you probably look healthier than you do huddled beneath your cavernous blanket fort, munching Oreos. By the same logic, light-reflecting jewellery can help lift your appearance.

Get them here:

4. Rothko Statement Fan Grey Earrings, Oliver Bonas

Most likely you’ve seen a Rothko, even if you didn’t know it at the time: powerful, block colour paintings generally associated with the abstract expressionist movement.

Fashion and art have a fascinatingly symbiotic relationship, perhaps because both are predicated upon self-expression. These geometric Oliver Bonas knockouts are a testament to the eponymous artist: a beauteous blend of style and substance.

Get them here:

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5. Geometric Earrings, Mango

Sometimes you just need a pair of subtle yet geometric earrings for the day-to-day, wouldn’t you agree? Studs are an option, but sometimes you want a bit more oomph, right? I’ll admit to being a bit of a studaphobe.

If you’re that girl, then these are for you. Sexy and sweetly marbled in pastel tones, they’ll blend well with most outfits and won’t shout too loud for attention in college seminars and lectures. They manage to retain a high-fashion feel without stopping traffic/panic-stricken freshers running down the corridor looking for Lecture Room H2.

Get them here:

6. Sterling Silver Circular Stick Drop Earrings, Kingsley Ryan

Want the clean lines of geometry and an on-point minimalist vibe? You don’t have to go huge to go geometric. A steal at £6, sterling silver, sleek and modern, I would say this pair are the best of the best. The minimalist jewellery trend is perfectly realised in a geometric design and offers effortless style.

Statement earrings are huge right now, but they’re not for everyone. If you feel naked leaving the house without rings adorning your fingers, necklaces draped over your clavicles and cuffs climbing your ears, these finely styled earrings will work a dream.

Get them here:

Are you a fan of geometry/earrings/maths? Tell us about your favourite pairs of geometric wonder in the comments below!

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