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15 Awesome Meditation Accessories To Enhance The Experience

Practicing meditation and mindfulness can be difficult for those with too many worries swirling in their minds. The following meditation accessories can help you focus your thoughts and

1. A wooden labyrinth game to help you focus

Sometimes clearing your mind can be incredibly hard, especially when you have many stresses and fears ebbing at your mind. According to Uncommon Goods, Labyrinths have long been used as a form of meditation themselves. This particular game was carved by artisans.

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2. A set of chakra crystals to promote healing

There may be no scientific evidence validating the healing powers of chakra crystals; however, they do seem to have a strong placebo effect. Many people use them to create an oasis of relaxation and peace. You can get your own set of chakra healing crystals on Esty for only $12!

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3. A Drunk Elephant JuJu exfoliating bar to help you freshen up before meditation

This Drunk Elephant JuJu soap bar will gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Use it before mediation to feel clean and fresh: it will put you in a better headspace, elevating your experience.

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4. An essential oil diffuser to defuse tension

An essential oil diffuser is a relatively affordable (depending on where you buy one) and handy meditation accessory. It is also great for unwinding after a long day.

Essential oil diffusers are easy to use — all you need is your choice of essential oil and some water. Plug in the diffuser, pour a little bit of water (to the marked line), add some drops of essential oil, and turn it on. The diffuser will almost instantly diffuse the essential oil into the air (and add a little moisture too.) The peaceful aroma of essential oil will definitely put you in a meditating mood.

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5. A bottle of Lavender essential oil for your diffuser

Lavender essence has a wonderfully calming effect. It is said to improve sleep, soothe anxiety, and promote relaxation — making it the perfect essential oil for meditation.

If you are meditating to feel at peace, definitely consider using lavender essential oil. You can either diffuse it in the air or just add a few drops to a bowl of water–lavender is quite potent so you don’t need to do a lot for the scent to reach your nostrils.

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6. A round Zafu meditation cushion for extra relaxation

Time to get cozy! This Zafu cushion is a wonderful meditation accessory. Choose from a variety of colors and materials, including cotton and hemp!

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7. A 7 Chakra healing bracelet with volcanic lava

This beautiful chakra bracelet features seven different types of beads: lava stone, red agate, lazurite, amethyst, turquoise stone, tiger eye, green king stone, and amber. According to the seller on Etsy, this bracelet, handcrafted with love, represents the seven chakras.

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8. A scented candle to set the mood

A flickering candle is another marvelous meditation accessory.

There are plenty of candle scents that will promote relaxation and keep you calm. This $40 calming aromatherapy candle from Neal’s Yard Remedies may do this trick, or, if you’re looking for something more affordable, you can get this Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Soy Candle from Target for $10.

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9. A Body Quiet meditation cushion with acupressure for stress relief

Similar to the Zafu meditation cushion, this cushion actually has lotus-flower acupressure points on the top to help pinpoint tension areas, relax your muscles, and improve your circulation! With this cushion, both your body and mind will be at peace during your meditation session.

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10. A meditation box for the wandering mind

As you slowly breathe in and out, let both your mind wander as you trace your reflections and feelings into the sand. It is the perfect accessory to bring creativity into the stillness. Also, it can add an element of fun to meditation!

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11. A finger tracing meditation mug to help you unwind

Drink your favorite tea in this finger tracing meditation mug from Uncommon Goods. As you meditate, you can trace the small labyrinth etched into the mug with your fingers.

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12. Some stress-relief tea to drink from your mug

Whether you enjoy drinking tea before, during, or after meditation, a nice stess-relief brew will definitely enhance your experience. This box of Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea contains 16 individual bags and costs about $4. It is available at Target!

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13. A ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hanger to help you stay in the right headspace

If you live in a busy house or have a roommate, it is hard to find a moment to be truly alone. This handy ‘Do No Disturb, Meditation in Session’ door hanger will give you the space you need to take a few breaths and clear your mind. You can either make your own or buy this one from Amazon for $7.

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14. Dive into a book on meditation

There are many self-help books and guides out there to help beginners understand meditation and mindfulness. Some of the most popular ones include The Miracle of Mindfulness by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh, and Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Sōtō Zen monk and teacher Shunryū Suzuki. Suzuki is actually credited with popularizing Zen Buddhism in the United States.

Choose one from the list of 50 of  here!

15. And finally, a yoga mat, of course

If you like to stretch your body or do some light yoga while meditating, a yoga mat is an accessory you ought to have. This yoga mat from Amazon is around $34, but it is likely you will find a cheaper one of the same quality at a Target or another local store in your area.

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What items will you use to help elevate your meditation sessions? Share your favorite meditation accessories in the comments below!

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