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10 Awesome LMU Classes You Didn’t Know You Could Take

There are so many courses offered at LMU, it’s tough deciding just which ones are right for you. Here are 10 awesome LMU classes you might not have known even exist.

1. RoadWrite (ENGL 3374)

Go on the road with your fellow classmates. Refine your creativity through writing.

2. Music Lessons (MUSC 182)

Take one-on-one music lessons to learn the basics of instrumental or vocal music performance. Choose from guitar, piano, singing, and more.


3. Gospel Choir (AFAM 2261)

Sing with a group of welcoming people. Learn about the culture behind gospel choir, and just have fun.

4. LMU Choruses (MUSC 495)

Perfect your singing in the choral genre. Make lifelong friends who share a passion for musical quality. You do need to audition to take this course.

5. Studio Recording (RECA 498)

Clearly, there are plenty of musical LMU courses offered. With this one, you’ll learn the basics of music production without having to become a full-fledged recording arts major. Record music in the studio and create music mixes.

6. Introduction to Choreography (DANC 163)

Learn the basics of dance choreography. Stretch, exercise your body, and practice the choreography you devise.

7. Introduction To Theatre Performance (THEA 111)

Admittedly, you might have already heard of this course. Learn the basics of theatre performance.

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8. LA Now (ARHS 447)

Explore the Los Angeles art scene with your fellow classmates. Learn about art history.

9. LMU Summer In Auckland (ASPA 4098)

Learn about the indigenous Maori culture in New Zealand. Explore art, culture, and history in New Zealand. This requires an application for LMU study abroad programs.

10. Wine Chemistry (CHEM 382)

Science lovers, learn about the chemistry of wine and the wine industry. This course is open to biochemistry majors and minors.

What are your favorite LMU classes to take? Share in the comments below!
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Emilyn Cahn

Emilyn Cahn is a writer for Society19. She is a recent graduate of Loyola Marymount University.

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