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30 Awesome Gift Ideas For Teens (That They’ll Actually Love)

30 Awesome Gift Ideas For Teens (That They’ll Actually Love)

30 Awesome Gift Ideas For Teens (That They'll Actually Love)

Need some gift ideas for teens? They can be pretty tricky to shop for, after all. Gift giving is one of the biggest parts of the holidays, but not every kid always comes up with a mile-long wish list. If you’re stuck on what to buy this year, here are a few gift ideas for teens (that we’re pretty sure they will actually love). And if your teenager has made it to college, here some affordable gifts for college students to check out!

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Daughter

1. A Makeup Brush Set

There’s nothing like getting a beautiful new set of makeup brushes if you’re a who loves makeup. Any die hard makeup lover with obsess over this 18 piece makeup brush set that comes with its own case.

2. A Tarte Lip Set

Another great make up gift for your daughter would be the Tarte Kiss Bliss Kit. This 10-piece set contains five of the Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paints and each of their corresponding lip liners. Any lipstick-loving teen would definitely be completely stoked to receive this gift during the holidays. This is a $70 value priced at $46.


This Tarte set will give your daughter plenty of looks to choose from.

3. A Water Bottle With An Infuser

Make drinking water fun again! This awesome water bottle will not only keep your water cool but you can add any fruit of your choice to the middle part and it will infuse your water for you!

4. Slippers

There’s no teen out there that doesn’t love/use emojis on a daily basis. Bring those emojis to life with a pair of slippers that’ll keep their feet warm all winter long!

Cute Sleepy Emoji Sleep Slippers Plush Cotton Soft Warm Comfortable Indoor Bedroom Shoe For Big Kids & Women With Non-Skid Footpads ~ We Pay Yours Sales Tax B11802


5. A Handbag

Girls love bags; there’s not much else to be said. Your budget will determine what brands you’ll be looking at, but no matter where you’re shopping you can definitely find something cute for your daughter, whether it be from Forever 21 or Michael Kors. Purses and bags are great gift ideas for teenage girls!

Cadier Womens Designer Purses and Handbags Ladies Tote Bags

6. A Daughter Bracelet

Alex & Ani bracelets are trendy and adorable, so your daughter would definitely love to wear this gift. For a special mother-daughter touch, you can get her the “Because I love you, daughter” bracelet, which features a floral charm with the word “daughter” on it. The bracelet comes in silver, gold, or rose gold, from about $23 to $26.

This Alex and Ani daughter bracelet will be the perfect special accessory.

7. Jewelry Holder

Once you get your daughter her new bracelet and maybe some other jewelry, she’ll need somewhere to put it all! You can get her a big jewelry box or a little jewelry tree and she’ll be organized and thankful. Most of these will range from $20 to $30.

8. Moccasins

These Minnetonka Moccasins will definitely keep your daughter’s feet warm all winter long. Comfy for in and out of the house, these shoes are definitely a great gift idea for the girl who loves to be cozy. And they only cost between $36 and $46! Moccasins are great gift ideas for teens, boys or girls!


A pair of moccasins will keep your teen nice and cozy in the winter.

9. Sneakers

There are plenty of sneakers that are super popular right now, so if your daughter doesn’t have them all, there’s a good chance she wants a pair of at least one of them. Adidas and Converse are always a classic choice that go with every outfit, and what girl doesn’t love shoes? Adidas retail for about $80 and Converse are about $50.

Adidas are super popular sneakers this year.

10. Hair Tools

If your daughter loves her hair, you can always get her some brand new tools to play with. This curling iron and wand set comes with five different barrels, so she’ll have plenty of options on how to look fabulous. This particular set retails for about $40. Hair tools will forever be great gift ideas for teen girls!

Give your daughter a choice in hairstyles with a tool set.

11. Shopping Trip

If you don’t know what to get your daughter, want to help her shop, and don’t want to just fork over cash or a gift card, you can take her shopping! Pick a day and have a mother-daughter shopping trip, grab food and hang out. It’ll be a fun gift for the two of you to enjoy together. Shopping trips are literally the best gift ideas for teenage girls (and guys!)

The best gift a girl could get is probably a shopping trip!


12. Gift Card To Her Favorite Store

If you want to take your daughter shopping, but really just don’t have the time, you can always give her a gift card to her favorite store. She’s most likely spending a lot of time at the mall with her friends, so this can definitely help her buy some cute new things on your dime.

A gift card is the perfect gift for teens you're stumped by!

13. Starbucks Gift Card

Most teens are, sadly, exhausted from school and/or life, so coffee can often provide a necessary boost for the day. If your daughter is a coffee drinker, give the gift of caffeine through some Starb money. She’ll surely appreciate it.

14. A Fuzzy Blanket

What better way to spend the holidays than to curl up on the couch with a gigantic blanket? Get your daughter a super soft blanket that’s big enough to cover her and all her friends if she feels like sharing. If not, it’ll just be that much cozier if she’s lounging solo. This sherpa throw retails for $30.


Your teen can definitely stay cozy this winter with a warm, fuzzy blanket.

15. A Cute Pair Of Prescription Shades From 39 Dollar Glasses

39 Dollar Glasses specializes in customizable prescription lenses that are totally stylish and always on trend! Pick out a pair that suits her needs and her style and she will be forever obsessed!


16. Wireless Rose Gold Beats Solo3 From T-Mobile

What girl wouldnt love a pink set of Beats? There’s also nothing that beats a wireless pair of headphones, am I right ?!

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Son

1. A Skincare Set

Though boys may not think so, skincare is just as important for them as it is for girls. Get your son a little skincare set to get him started if he needs some help; he’ll probably be more interested if he has some nice products. The Jack Black set from Sephora is a good introduction and is only $35.

Boys need good skincare, too!

2. Cologne

It’s almost a right of passage for every teen boy to overpower their body with Axe or Old Spice, so to try and avoid that, splurge on your son and get him a nice cologne. He’ll be sophisticated and good-smelling.


Make sure your boy smells nice with some fancy cologne!

3. A Shaving Kit

Step up or start your son’s shaving game with a nice kit to help him avoid an unfortunate hack job. This carry-on set from The Art of Shaving will give your son “the four elements of the perfect shave” for $60.

4. A Wallet

Lots of boys tend to either lose their wallets or use the same one until it’s falling apart at the seams. Avoid this problem and give your son a nice, high-quality wallet that will last a long time without looking like it.

Fossil Men's Derrick Front Pocket Bifold, Brown, One Size

5. A Watch

Guys can like shiny things just like girls do, so a luxury watch would be a nice gift to treat your son to. Plus, he’ll no longer have an excuse to be late for curfew!


6. Timberlands

The perfect winter shoes are Timberland boots. They’re waterproof, heavy-duty and warm so they’re perfect for rain, mud, and snow. Your son will definitely appreciate a pair of these, especially since they’re a little pricey. A pair of the classic boots will run you about $150.

7. Sports Tickets

No matter what sport your son loves, he’ll surely be happy to receive tickets to his favorite team’s game. Holiday time is football time, so game tickets will easily be available for purchase. Sports tickets are undoubtedly one of the best gift ideas for teens, especially for all those sports obsessed boys out there!

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8. Undies

Whether your son wears boxers or briefs, you can never have too much (clean and new) underwear. Stick a pack of underwear in the gift pile – it may not be that exciting, but he’ll secretly be thankful even if he doesn’t realize it.

Calvins are the comfiest underwear ever!

9. PJ Pants

It’ll probably be too cold for your son to roam around in just his new boxers, so he’d probably appreciate some cozy pajama pants to lounge in. Amazon has plenty of choices, like this pair, for $11.

10. A Hoodie

Hoodies are a staple item in many teens’ closets, so you could definitely make another contribution. Your son will most likely be rocking a lot of hoodies with the cold weather coming, so why not get him a new one?

A hoodie is always the perfect gift that everyone loves.

11. A Mophie Battery Case

One of the worst things for a parent is when you’re trying to get in contact with your kid and his or her phone is dead. You probably start to worry immediately. Well, now you can lessen the chances of this happening by getting a battery charging case. The Mophie Juice Pack is great, and fairly cheap – only $50 – for what gives essentially 200% battery. One of the must-have gift ideas for teens on this list!


A Mophie case will ensure you'll always be able to get in touch with your busy teen.

12. Beats

Give your son the gift of quality sound with a pair of Beats by Dre headphones. These really do make a difference in your listening experience, so if your son doesn’t already have them, he’d probably love to have them. However, this is an expensive gift – prices range from $130 to $300 depending on the style of headphones you choose.

Beats Headphones will give your teen the best listening experience.

13. Video Games

Majority of guys like playing video games, whether it be light and fluffy like Mario Kart or heavy and intense like Call of Duty. Talk to your son about what he likes, raid his game collection to see what’s missing, and try to get him something new to spend hours staring and screaming at.

Video games may not be the best use of time, but your teen will definitely love a new game.

14. The Fitbit

If your son loves hitting the gym, get him a Fitbit to help him keep track of his goals. If a Fitbit is too pricey – it retails for about $150 – there are lots of alternatives. Any fitness trackers are great gift ideas for teens, especially your gym-loving guy.

A Fitbit will help your health nut stay in shape!

15. A New Pair of Prescription Shades from 39 Dollar Glasses

If your teen struggles with his vision and is constantly blinded by the sun, get him a new pair of shades that are affordable, stylish and totally customizable from 39 Dollar Glasses!



16. Wallet phone case

Keep everything in one spot so you lessen the chances of losing your money or phone! Definitely one of the handiest gift ideas for teens who misplace things easily!

And the top two holiday gifts for teens are…

16. Concert Tickets

Concert tickets can certainly be pretty pricey, so if you really want to surprise your teen, pay attention to what artists they’re listening to. See if anyone they like is touring and get some tickets to a show nearby for them and a friend! Concert tickets are awesome gift ideas for teens!

Concert tickets will give your teen a memory they'll remember forever.

17. Cash

Cash is one of the best gift ideas for teens because it will always get used! Of course, you can’t forget the tried and true gift of cold, hard cash. In reality, this is probably what your teen wants the most, so if you’re not in the position to give physical cash, you can always give a Visa gift card. Wish your teen happy spending!


When in doubt, give your teen cash.

Do you have any other good gift ideas for teens? Let us know below!

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These are awesome gift ideas for teens that you know they will actually love!