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25 Awesome Gift Ideas For Runners

You may never understand why your Mom finds running half marathons fun but you can find her the perfect gift for this upcoming holiday season in this list of awesome gift ideas for runners! Because let’s be honest, buying gifts can be daunting & more often than not it’s more trouble than it’s worth. It can be especially daunting for the runners in your life, because how are you supposed to know what a runner would want? But no need to fear because the runners’ gift guide is here! Despite your lack of knowledge on the subject, you can redeem yourself with these unique gift ideas every runner will love. Below are 25 awesome gift ideas for runners!

1. A Quality Water Bottle

Everyone knows that nothing beats a good, durable water bottle.

2. A Good Pair Of Headphones

Every running playlist deserves an equally amazing pair of headphones. The Aduro X UO Wireless Earbud Headphones are perfect for any runner trying to burn the time.

3. A Comfortable Sports Bra

A sports bra is a make or break for any female runner. Reebok running bras are some the most supportive, comfortable, and fashionable sports bras on the market. A perfect gift for a female runner!

4. A kickass pair of running shoes

The Reebok Floatride is our favorite running shoe – with its one-piece knit, it has the most comfortable uppers of any shoe. Light and responsive, they also have reflective details adding visibility for safety in low light.

For girls                                                                    For guys

5. A Headband To Hold Back Hair From Flying In Their Face

Nobody wants to be interrupted while in the zone, so gift a good headband to keep hair away.

6. An IPod/IPhone Armband To Make Everything Easier

What good is a running playlist if you can’t listen to it? Gift a quality armband so the runner in your life can enjoy some tunes while exercising.

7. A Pair Running Gloves To Keep Them Insulated

Nothing is worse than cold hands while running. Get them a pair with touch screen capabilities so they can keep them on while shooting a quick text.

8. A Quick Dry Shirt or Zip Pullover

Sweating can bring a person down so gift a nice running t-shirt to limit the uncomfortable effects of burning the extra calories.


9. A Running Hat for sun and cold

I know that it might seem silly but there is a huge difference between regular hats and running hats. A winter hat is perfect for cold winter runs. A summer hat will protect from the sun and help absorb sweat on warm sunny days


10. Energy Snacks To Keep Them Moving And In Shape

Gift Honey Stinger Waffle energy snacks for a healthy alternative to traditional energy supplements.

11. A Massage Or Foam Roller For Those Sore Muscles

Gift a muscle roller to keep any runner’s legs fresh and ready to go!

12. Sunscreen For Healthy Skin

Gift Neutrogena sunscreen to keep the rays away and the sweat at bay.

13. Chaffing Cream Can Do Wonders For Them

Any runner will tell you that chaffing is the absolute worst. Chaffing cream is a must so gift Bodyglide cream to make any runners day.

14. Extra Hair Elastics Because They Always Go Missing

Keep the hair away with fun hair elastics to bring some style to any runner’s routine.

15. A New Pair Of Fun Shoelaces

Gift durable shoe laces to add some color into any runner’s wardrobe while maintaining practicality.

16. Some Organic Granola Bars

A pack of Lara Bars will excite any runner (suggest apple pie flavor).

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17. A Cute Ice Pack To Relieve Soreness

Friends don’t let friends stay sore. Gift an adorable ice pack to your favorite runner to keep them healthy and all smiles.

18. A Sunglass Croakie For Convenience

Save a pair of sunglasses and gift a croakie. Too many sunglasses have been lost, stop this tragedy.

19. Hand Warmers Will Always Come In “Handy”

Wanna know what’s worse than cold hands? Hearing someone complain about cold hands. Gift hand warmers to avoid both.

20. Tiger Balm Can Save Lives

There’s a reason Tiger Balm been used for hundreds of years, it’s because it’s so amazing. Gift this awesome ointment to change a runner’s life.

21. Athletic Underwear Is Necessary

Nothing is worse than a wedgie while running. Help a friend out and gift a pair of underwear meant to stay put.

22. A Plaque To Show Off Their Accomplishments

Running is no easy task. Let your runner have pride in their accomplishments with this plaque that holds medals and showcases memories.

23. Some Extra Athletic Tape (KT Tape)

KT tape is a new and innovative way to limit the pain of pulled muscles. It also looks pretty cool…

24. Lip Balm Does Wonders

Nobody likes chapped lips so help a homie out and gift them some moisturized lips. Any runner can respect a good chapstick.

25. Subscription to Running Magazine

Keep your favorite runner in the know with a running magazine subscription. They’ll never miss a trend again!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Do you have any other gift ideas for runners? Share in the comments below!
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