Awesome First Date Ideas From A Guy’s Perspective

What would be a perfect first date? It’s so easy to suggest going to a bar, but is it practical? It’s loud, there are drunk people all around you, and you may even feel pressured to drink until you’re totally hammered. And that doesn’t result in a very successful first date. I’m not saying a bar isn’t a fun place to hang out on a Saturday night, but there are so many other options. It would be easy for me to list all of the first date options I’ve ever considered, but who I am to say? So, instead, I found out from a number of different guys what they would consider a fun first date. And interestingly enough, none of them suggested going out to a bar.

Anything and Everything Nature

It seems like all of the guys I asked suggested the same thing: a first date in nature. Whether it was kayaking or hiking, all of the guys thought that a first date in nature would tell them a lot about the girl they were on the date with. Not only would she have to be adventurous and (at least a little) athletic, she would also have to be able to keep a conversation going. When it’s just you, her, and the trail you are hiking or the river you’re kayaking, the conversation will need to be stimulating. If you are competitive, this might be the perfect first date for you. It’s a chance to show off your competitive side and whoop his ass as you sprint up the trail…leaving him in the dust.  Even something like visiting a botanical garden can be fun. Not only will the park be filled with beautiful plants, but conversation will come easy when there’s so much right in front of you to look at and talk about.

Awesome First Dates Ideas From A Guy’s Perspective

Interactive Fun

Interactive dates were also some of the most popular suggestions from the guys. Bowling, billiards, mini-golf, go-karting, and amusement parks ranked high on the list of awesome potential first date ideas. What’s great about these date ideas is that they’re interactive; you really get a chance to have fun and be goofy with each other. Not only that, but you can both show off your competitive side and see how each other handles losing (and winning). Taking a cooking class or visiting an animal shelter are also hands-on dates that are perfect for getting to know one another. Trampoline parks can be packed with a little bit of thrill and a whole lot of fun. And it’s hard to take yourself too seriously when you’re jumping into giant foam pits. If you’re looking for an interactive date that will also test your knowledge, a trivia night could be fun. Get rid of the first-date jitters with a beer or two, and then proceed to impress your date with your random knowledge about state capitals and past presidents. Try an interactive date, and you’ll be flirting with and teasing each other in no time.

Awesome First Dates Ideas From A Guy’s Perspective

Dinner & Drinks

Of course, dinner is an obvious choice for a first date. As is getting drinks at a bar.  Guys love to eat (and drink), that’s no surprise. But there are ways to eat and drink with each other that are a little more exciting than the usual steak house. Check out a food festival where there are often tons and tons of food trucks with unique foods to try. Have a picnic at the beach or in a park and pack your favorite foods. This can be such an intimate and thoughtful date, perfect for sitting close and even feeding each other (if you’re into that…and trust me, guys are into that). And if there’s really no other option than to go out to eat, try visiting a diner for dinner. It takes the stress of a fancy restaurant with linen napkins away and replaces it with casual conversation, so you can focus on each other and not the $200 bill. No ties, no heels, just breakfast for dinner. As for drinking, try a brewery tour! You’ll get all the inside secrets to brewing beer, plus you’ll get to try a bunch of different flavors of beer ’til you find the one that is your new favorite.

Awesome First Dates Ideas From A Guy’s Perspective

See Your Favorite…

band, sports team, comedian, or movie. All of the guys I talked to suggested seeing a concert. Seeing one of your favorite bands in concert can be so fun, and it’s a perfect opportunity to sing your heart out, dance a little, and show off your extensive knowledge of every band member and every single song. Who knows? You might only listen to hip hop, but after attending your first reggae concert, you could become hooked. Movies are an obvious date idea, but are they really that practical for a first date? You sit in a cold and dark theatre for two hours without the chance to say two words to each other. But a drive-in theatre allows you to see a movie but also allows for the chance to talk and laugh and even get a little cozy. Going to a sporting event was also a popular suggestion amongst the guys. Baseball games can be both cheap and fun, and obviously the hot dogs and beers are just an added bonus. Seeing a comedian is also a good idea. You’ll be giggling together all night long.

Awesome First Dates Ideas From A Guy’s Perspective

Take a Trip

A few of the guys suggested going to a museum on a first date. So in touch with their emotions! This is a perfect first date idea because many museums are either free or super cheap, and they’re often so big and filled with so much art, you’ll be able to spend all day together. Museums are also perfect because there’s no chance for a lull in the conversation because you’re surrounded by art, so there will always be something to talk about. Take a trip to a farmers market and pick out fresh ingredients to cook for dinner, see the sights near where you live but have never visited, or drive down to the beach and take a walk along the pier. These date ideas are romantic, cheap, and perfect for conversation.

Awesome First Dates Ideas From A Guy’s Perspective

First date ideas are pretty universal: somewhere you can talk, somewhere you can laugh, and maybe even somewhere you can hold hands if things are going well. Comment down below your favorite first date ideas!

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