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8 Awesome Fall Vacation Ideas You Can Actually Afford

8 Awesome Fall Vacation Ideas You Can Actually Afford

These fall vacation ideas are perfect for anyone who is looking to get away from the chilly weather for a while! Here are the best spots to hit up!

I’d say the Fall is a nice time to take a vacay. The season is changing all over and most sceneries are just gorgeous and spiritual. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take an affordable weekend road trip, even if you don’t do more than get outta town and see some orange leaves. If you’re like me and you literally pack light and don’t need much, you can probably pull these off. Here’s 8 awesome Fall vacation ideas you can actually afford!

Family Up The Road

If you have family members that live nearby, about an hour to three hours away, paying them a visit is not a bad idea for a cheap vacay. You can save money on hotel costs and maybe even some food expenses if they like cooking you up a good meal when you visit. You don’t have to stick with the family the whole way through. Find a quiet scenic spot, relax, and enjoy your time away from the norm. The only expenses you really have to consider for this type of vacation are gas, tolls, or bus or train tickets. If you go shopping around the town for anything you’ll need funds for that as well. Road trips are a vacation in themselves so this is totally worth it!

8 Awesome Fall Vacation Ideas You Can Actually Afford

The Great Outdoors

Knowing a thing or two about camping is useful in the Fall. You have to consider your preferences in temperature however, because nights outdoors during this season are coldish. If you can handle yourself in a nature park then suit up and head out. Camping is inexpensive. You only bring the necessities, like equipment, food, and water, and the rest of the entertainment is up to nature. If you know a nice safe park or camping grounds within an hour or two from your home that’s your best bet. Again, consider gas if you’re driving and always have some extra cash for emergencies. Definitely invite a friend or S.O. too, to make the vacay fun or romantic!

8 Awesome Fall Vacation Ideas You Can Actually Afford

Get Drunk On A Plane

If you’re not so light in the pockets you can stretch for a short three hour flight to somewhere. Always aim for places where you have family, otherwise, include hotel costs in your Fall vacation fees. For some, the chill of Fall is a bit much and a place like Miami is preferable. There’s lots to do there expensively and inexpensively. If you just hit up a beach for a day or two and enjoy some good food you’ll spend less. Definitely a great idea for a Fall vacation if you’re expecting to spend under a grand and get away from home.

8 Awesome Fall Vacation Ideas You Can Actually Afford

Right Next Door

You don’t have to leave the hood to have a nice vacation. If you really want to get out of your usual space you can visit the next town or city over, which is usually thirty minutes or so away. Treat yourself to a nice hotel stay and use the included facilities they have there for a weekend. Depending on your town or city this should cost no more than two to three hundred dollars including food and traveling expenses. So long as you’re away from home, you’ll feel refreshed in your environment.

8 Awesome Fall Vacation Ideas You Can Actually Afford

What Friends Are For

Another close and very inexpensive Fall getaway idea is to have a sleepover at your besties! Stay for more than a day though and just chill, eat, sleep, play video games, go out, whatever. The point is that you don’t get stuck alone in your own familiar place. The key word in Fall vacation is vacate. Vacate your house!

8 Awesome Fall Vacation Ideas You Can Actually Afford

Go Big For Little

A trip to Vegas doesn’t sound like a bad idea if you’ve got a little savings to burn. YOLO right? Might as well have fun while you’re alive. For around fifteen hundred dollars you can get an all inclusive trip to Vegas (from New York), that covers hotel expenses and round trip flights for two adults. Go with your boo and have a nice Fall vacation for a week. See the pretty lights, dine under the stars. With this trip you’re going big and getting a lot for a fair price. This is an affordable trip compared to most expensive vacations.

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8 Awesome Fall Vacation Ideas You Can Actually Afford

Montreal By Rail

Ever heard of a vacation on a train? Me neither until now, to be honest. Vacations by Rail have these interesting, decently priced, inclusive trips where you ride through beautiful sceneries. This is a really interesting type of vacay that you maybe haven’t considered before, and that will definitely be a memorable one. The rates are per person and vary based on schedule so definitely search these up for more information. You’re looking to spend an affordable amount around eight hundred dollars for a Fall vacation like this. Totally worth it.

8 Awesome Fall Vacation Ideas You Can Actually Afford

Familiar But Far Places

Another great idea for vacationing in the Fall is to visit one of the many familiar places around the map that are geared towards vacationing in the U.S. Shop around for cheap inclusive packages and flights, and make sure and have a nice itinerary set up so you have something do. Places to consider are Yellowstone, Boston, the Grand Canyon, or Montreal. These are more expensive than the others mentioned but are still considered affordable vacations. Also, the Fall season transitions beautifully in these places and they are sights worth seeing.

8 Awesome Fall Vacation Ideas You Can Actually Afford

What are your plans this Fall? Gonna stay in or go on a Fall vacation? Let me know in the comments!
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