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11 Awesome Bookends For Your Favorite Novels

One thing that I’ve been completely obsessed with since being a small child was reading; I would always be caught reading some book or another when I was younger. I remember reading the first three Harry Potter books in third grade, and because I was new to public school, that was the first time I’d heard of this series. I blew through those books like they were nothing, as they were a super easy read. I did challenge myself a bit more at the beginning of fourth grade with reading books like, White Fang and The Hobbit. Yes, I absolutely love reading, and even though I don’t have as much time for it now at 27, as I did when I was a kid, I still enjoy a good read after a long day. My husband and I’s collection of books is still growing every year, but one of our favorite investments that we made was buying bookends for our cherished novels. It helps to keep our books so much more organized, while also adding in some flair. Here are 11 awesome bookends to keep all your favorite novels from toppling over one another. 

1. Arrow

I honestly think that this cast-iron metal arrow from Amazon would make a very cool addition to your collections of books. These awesome bookends hold plenty of style, and the detail on each end of the arrow is simply amazing. Plus, with cast iron being notably heavy, you should have no fear of some of your heftier books falling over. I like that the arrow looks to be shooting right through each of the books in between; it makes for a pretty sweet-looking effect. 

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2. Golden Eagles

There’s definitely nothing more American than having golden eagle bookends in your home. I really like the finished style on these awesome bookends from Home Depot, and the amount of careful detail that went into crafting each of the eagles’ heads. They look quite realistic, not to mention regal. They’re definitely some of the most majestic creatures in the world, and would look perfect holding up your collection of novels. 

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3. Pinecones

Naturally, being a lover of all things pine trees, I just had to include these two realistic-looking pinecone bookends from Wayfair. In all honesty, these awesome bookends look like one of the pinecones I would find in my parent’s backyard! I love the intricate detail that has gone into them, and they greatly remind me of a Ponderosa Pine pinecone; a lot of them are actually the size of these bookends believe it or not. Add a bit of rustic style to your books! 

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4. Deadpool

Now, I realize that these awesome bookends are holding up a collection of Blu-ray discs, but they can also just as easily contain your collection of books. These bookends from Target feature the iconic insignia of one of Marvel’s most loveable characters, Deadpool; our favorite Merc with a Mouth. I really love how these bookends look very comic-like to me too. If you’re a big fan of Marvel, like I am, then these bookends would make a superb addition to your home. 

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5. Aged Gears

I’m honestly in love with items that look to be ancient; it adds a sort of sophisticated style to your home. These awesome bookends from Amazon feature several variously sized gears in silver, bronze and gold coloring. I love how some of the gears look to be very old and rusty as well! It’s truly astonishing the amount of detail that went into each of the gears, and how it gives them so much character. I can guarantee that these vintage bookends would look amazing holding up your collection of cherished novels. 

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6. Rustic Globes

When I first saw these awesome bookends from Home Depot, I was instantly reminded of the giant globe that my grandparents kept in the guest bedroom of their apartment. I love the rustic vintage look of these globe bookends, and of course, the detailed map of the world on each one. I feel like these would be the perfect bookends to own if you’re an avid reader of international novels! You simply can’t go wrong with these global bookends. 

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7. Arthurian Knights

I immediately thought of my husband when I saw these Arthurian knights bookends from Wayfair. I know I keep talking about the detail with each of these bookends, but by far, these awesome bookends are truly chalk-full of authentic-looking detail! Plus, I like the added touch of gold on the armor of each knight, not to mention the dragon detail on the one knight’s shield. It’s also cool how each knight looks to be backed up to a castle wall like they’re fighting a great adversary. One thing is for sure, these awesome bookends will not disappoint. 

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8. Hogwarts

This one is for all the Harry Potter nerds out there! If it’s any consolation, I myself am also a huge Harry Potter nerd. These detailed bookends from Target feature our favorite magical castle, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in a silhouetted fashion. One thing that caught my attention with these bewitching bookends, is that they glow in the dark! I don’t care how old I am, I need these Hogwarts bookends for that very reason. Whisk yourself away to the magical world of Harry Potter with these awesome bookends! 

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9. Modern Butterfly

I’m usually not a huge fan of anything modern, but I find myself able to make an exception for these two beautiful bookends from Amazon. I truly love the wiry-look of these butterfly-shaped bookends, and how it can add some lovely dimension to your collection of books. I also love the simplicity of these bookends! So, if you’re a lover of nature, then these fluttery bookends are definitely made for you. 

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10. Bronze Owls

I find owls to be very adorable creatures, and due to their association with being intelligent, they would make a perfect choice for bookends! I do love how these little bronze-colored owls are each perched on top of two vintage-looking novels; it makes them look all the wiser in my opinion. Plus, they’re heavy enough to hold up all your various-sized books with absolutely no problem. These awesome bookends are for all of the bookworms out there!

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11. Blue Agate

I usually like to save the best for last, and these beautiful bookends from Wayfair are no exception to that. I’m in love with the different shades of blue that are displayed throughout each of these awesome bookends. Agate is truly a beautiful stone, and naturally comes in many various colors. It also looks a lot like Quartz, due to Agate being a cryptocrystalline form of Quartz. Sorry to geek out on my readers like that, I’m just an avid researcher of minerals. These stunning bookends will no doubt add a gorgeous splash of color to your collection of books! 

Buy these bookends here:

Which of these awesome bookends did you favor the most? Are there other bookends out there that we might’ve missed? Tell us your thoughts below!

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