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20 Awesome Birthday Care Packages For Any College Student

20 Awesome Birthday Care Packages For Any College Student


I recently celebrated my 21st birthday—yay!—unfortunately, it fell on November 8th. Yup, I’m the lucky girl who got to share her birthday with election day (a.k.a. “the day the earth stood still”). It’s okay, I spent the night getting to know Jack Daniels better and it turns out he’s an excellent shoulder to cry on. Anyway, in honor of this momentous occasion I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ideas for b-day care packages with all of you (*hint hint, Mom, I’m still waiting on mine) for when your big day rolls around. Here are 20 awesome birthday care packages to get this party started!

1. For the coffee lover…

This adorable creation for coffee-lovers! Stock it full of their favorite Coffee-mate to go creamers (for the record, mine is Hazelnut) and Starbucks gift cards to let them know you care about their caffeine levels.

2. For the guy in your life…

…why not revert back to the good ‘ole gender-specific colors we were relegated to as babies? I know, I know. Guys can like pink, too! But if your man happens to be a fan of blue here’s a creative way to incorporate his favorite color (and snacks) into his birthday gift.


3. When it’s their 21st…

For my fellow finally legal crew members, behold the brilliant “Oh, Shit! Kit”. Filled to the brim with everything you’ll need to make it through your 21st including painkillers, mini alcohol bottles, and—of course—a tiara!

4. For the beer pong champ…

I’m not even sure how someone made this beer pong-inspired box, but I love it! Rest assured that if someone were to send me this I would bombard all social media feeds with photos bragging about it.

5. Another 21st birthday idea (because you always need more than one!)

This epic 21st celebration box is everything you’ve ever wanted!


6. For the long distance friend…

Maybe you’re separated from your friend by multiple states, perhaps even oceans. No worries! Send them a ‘lil something to let them know you’re thinking about them on their special day. I guarantee when they go to the post office expecting a card or two and walk out with this, it’ll make their birthday.

7. For the broke college student (a.k.a. everyone)…

I love this scratch-off care package, especially for broke college students. It’s a fun way to give them some money and making them feel like a winner!

8. For a little more surprise…

I really like this idea of filling a box with balloons that the birthday boy/girl gets to pop and inside each is a little treat or trinket. How fun would it be collecting small items that remind you of the recipient? From keychains and bottle openers to jewelry and makeup! It’s an innovative, interactive care package that any college kid would appreciate.


9. For the cupcake lover…

When it comes to transporting food this can be tricky. Everyone loves getting cupcakes on their birthday, and if you live only a short distance away this feat may be feasible. If you place the cupcakes in jars they’re much easier to travel with, and their super cute! If you cannot prebake the cakes, you can always prepare the mix and place them in their own adorable individual containers for shipping. That way the recipient can have their cake and eat it too!

10. For the stressed out college student…

College is a stressful time for students, and while most of us want to let loose and have a good time on our birthday it is also a moment of relaxation and recuperation. When you’re away at school it can be difficult (not to mention) expensive to take a trip to the spa for a massage or mani/pedi. With this thoughtful gift basket, you can pamper yourself from the comfort of your dorm/apartment and save a few $$$ (it’s even shaped like a cake!).

11. A little reminder of home…

Moms know how to make the best care packages. Hands down. I don’t know about everyone else, but I always feel a little bit homesick around my birthday. Growing up it was a day I spent with my family, so I get sad when I can’t be with them. But receiving a card and a package with a few of my favorite things from home reminds me that they miss me too and are always there for me. It doesn’t have to be much, maybe your favorite movie and homemade snack, some picture of the dog, and you’re already feeling better.


12. Birthday for breakfast!

Birthday brunch is the best! Send your loved ones a box of their favorite morning confections from a local bakery or make them from scratch. Nothing like a sugar coma to start the day off right!

13. Springtime in a box…

Everyone loves getting flowers on the birthday. Send your loved one a beautiful bouquet and some lovely scents to warm their day. How pretty is this box?

14. A pop of color…

For those who go to school up north where the weather can be a little grey, a box of sunshine is all they need to brighten their birthday! *(sorry for the rhyme, I was running out of time, Ha!)

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15. Something for everyone…

Let’s be honest. What colleges students really want for their b-day is money. So if you’re at a loss for what to get someone, throw some money at the problem (literally) and don’t think twice. They’re gonna love it and love you for it. How cute is this? It’s like a box of chocolates only better because it’s money!

16. A DIY edible arrangement…

Make your own edible arrangement: fill a box with all their favorite foods so that they won’t go hungry on their birthday. If they’ve got more of a sweet tooth, try saying something like “I hope you have a sweet day”.


17. Get personal

Think about the person you’re sending this to and tailor the contents to them. If they’re a movie buff, fill it with dvds and candy. A gym rat? Throw some cupcake-flavored protein powder in and send it on it’s way.

18. The gift of memories…

For a unique twist on the care package idea, try filling a jar with happy memories of the person and send it to them so they know just how loved they are. It’s like receiving a bunch of tiny cards on your birthday!

19. For the world traveler…

This is for that special someone who is miles away but you still want to let them know you care. Love how they plastered a map on the inside: very innovative!


20. For your BFF…

Finally, for those besties out there who cannot celebrate together. Send each other a gift to keep the bond going strong.

Do any of your friends have birthdays coming up? Share these awesome birthday care packages to help them get in the spirit!
These awesome birthday care packages are perfect for any college student!
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