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8 Awesome Beer Recipes That Are Perfect For Football At Home

8 Awesome Beer Recipes That Are Perfect For Football At Home

Football night is coming up, and you and your friends are preparing for a game filled with anticipation and excitement. You make sure you have all of the best foods and the best beers, but why not combine the two together? That’s right! Beer can now be used as an ingredient for your favorite foods to make game night more enjoyable and tastier. Check out these eight awesome beer recipes to keep your stomachs full and satisfied during the big game!

1. Beer Pretzels With Beer Cheese Dip

Pretzels are always a fan favorite to eat at sports games. So add them to your list of foods for game night with a beer cheese dip. The pretzels are made out of pizza dough with beer added into the mix (for this particular recipe Oktoberfest style lager was used). The cheese dip consisted of brie and Limburger cheese, beer, cream cheese, and various seasonings to create a blend that would be strong, spicy, and creamy. Enjoy every bite of these pretzels and that cheesy dip to get a mouthful of great tastes during the game!

8 Awesome Beer Recipes That Are Perfect For Football At Home

2. Beer Brats With Beer Cheese Sauce

Having a classic and tasty bratwurst during a football game is always a good option to satisfy your cravings for something savory and delicious. But kick your brats up a notch by making this recipe: beer brats with beer cheese sauce. A pot will have beer inside of it and the bratwurst added into it and cooked for about 10-15 minutes. Then place them on the grill for about the same amount of time to give them a tangy and flavorful taste. Then top off your bratwurst with a homemade cheese sauce that consists of cream cheese, your favorite choice of shredded cheese, and your choice of beer to add some extra cheesy and vigorous taste. This recipe will be sure to give your taste buds something new and delicious to look forward to.

8 Awesome Beer Recipes That Are Perfect For Football At Home

3. Beer-Battered Crispy Fried Chicken Strips

Everyone loves chicken strips, right? The crispy, juicy sensation that you get to experience in every bite just got even better with this beer recipe. Beer-battered crispy fried chicken strips are now a new dish that you can enjoy while watching every football game! The batter for the chicken consists of plain flour, baking soda, salt and pepper, and of course your favorite choice of beer. Dip the chicken into the batter and then cover it with some crushed crisps and then deep fry it until it’s ready. Add some ketchup on the side to dip these bomb beer chicken strips in and savor every moment of every great taste!

8 Awesome Beer Recipes That Are Perfect For Football At Home

4. Beer-Battered Onion Rings By Martha Stewart

Onion rings are one of the best options to have on football night that can leave you and your friends relishing in every bite. For the next game night, try something different with your onion rings by following Martha Stewart’s recipe of beer-battered onion rings. Making the onions rings from scratch, you’ll be dipping them into a battered that is combined with ingredients such as flour, baking powder, white pepper, and your choice of beer. Then dip the onion rings into the batter until it’s golden brown. This beer recipe will have you and your friends enjoying every single crispy and crunchy bite of this amazing dish!

8 Awesome Beer Recipes That Are Perfect For Football At Home

5. Beer-Battered Shrimp Tacos

You’ve probably never thought about having shrimp before while watching the game. Now would be the time to think about adding something different to your list of foods you’d want to eat, and something new you’d want to try is beer-battered shrimp tacos! Season your shrimp up with some salt to add a little bit of flavor, then dip it into your beer batter to prepare to deep fry. The taco will have some red and green cabbage along with some jalapenos, guacamole, and a homemade sauce to add to every taco to give a zesty, tangy, and spicy taste! Enjoy this delicious and exhilarating treat with your friends while basking in every moment of the big game!

8 Awesome Beer Recipes That Are Perfect For Football At Home

6. Beer Brat Nachos

A classic dish that’s always great to serve on game night are nachos. The gooey cheese, the tasty chips. It’s definitely a must-have for any special occasion for sure. But entice your taste buds even more by kicking up your nachos a notch by making beer bratwurst nachos! Cook your brats in a frying pan and then add your choice of beer into the mix. Cook the brats with the beer for a few minutes until it’s ready and then make your beer-flavored cheese sauce with some cream cheese added along with some shredded cheddar cheese and cayenne pepper and brown mustard to give it a spicy kick. Top off the tortilla chips with the homemade cheese sauce, your beer-flavored bratwurst, some tomatoes, jalapenos, and some onion to give your nachos the ultimate blend of spicy, delicious, and incredible flavor! Serve this amazing beer recipe to your friends on game night to keep their stomachs full and to keep their taste buds happy!

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8 Awesome Beer Recipes That Are Perfect For Football At Home

7. Easy Stout Beer Chili

It’s good to have something substantial to eat to keep you full so you can focus on watching the big game, and this beer recipe will be able to do just the trick. Easy Stout Beer Chili will be the perfect recipe to give you a mouthwatering and good-tasting treat that you and your friends will be excited to try. Cook up some ground beef (or any ground meat of your choice) and then add in some tomatoes, some onion, some kidney beans, water, various seasonings, and then some Stout Beer to add in a robust and flavorful taste. Stir all of the contents in together and then serve it with some cheese, sour cream, and some chives on top to add the finishing touches. This beer recipe has all of the juicy, savory, and delectable tastes you’re looking for all combined into one to enjoy during the football game!

8 Awesome Beer Recipes That Are Perfect For Football At Home

8. Root Beer Chicken Wings

Who would forget to have chicken wings during a football game, right? Chicken wings are a favorite amongst many to indulge in to eat every juicy and appetizing taste of it. Now, head into a different direction with your wings with this beer recipe of root beer chicken wings! Start off seasoning your chicken with some salt and pepper (but for this recipe, it’s recommended to give it more seasoning to add more flavor, such as seasoning salt and oregano), and then add them in a slow cooker and coat them in some BBQ sauce and some root beer. Let it cook for about four hours and then coat them with more BBQ sauce and sprinkle some brown sugar on top to give it a sweet essence. Broil it for about ten minutes and voila! You and your friends will be ready to eat some sweet, tangy, and yummy wings that’ll leave a smile on your face after every bite!

8 Awesome Beer Recipes That Are Perfect For Football At Home

Game night can be more exciting and eventful with these delightful and tasty beer recipes. Try any or all of these beer recipes and you and your friends will be ready to sit and feast on a wonderful meal!

Which one of these beer recipes would you try? Are there any other beer recipes that you may know about? Add your comments and thoughts below!

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