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Avoid Toxicity At All Cost

Avoid Toxicity At All Cost

Avoid Toxicity At All Cost

I’m sure you can name more than a few people in your life that you would deem as “toxic.” These people are usually self-centered jerks that seem to bring your entire mood down for whatever reason. But due to your history with this person, you keep them in your life and a cycle repeats itself. Well, here are a few reasons why you should rid yourself of their negative influences before its too late.

The Toxic Avenger!

But who exactly are these negative nancies and how can we spot them? Well, these toxic infested individuals are potentially everyone and everywhere! Anybody in your life can vomit toxicity and you have to be careful who you associate yourself with. But what exactly does a toxic beast do? Well, that’s simple, a toxic person will usually have an extremely negative demeanor about themselves. They will essentially take glee and in the hardships of others and may try to sabotage the happiness around them. Ever have a friend that seems to take joy in your failures but was the last person to congratulate you on your success? Well, I can almost guarantee that they were a toxic influence in your life.

Have toxic friends and family in your life? Find out why you need to avoid these toxic people!

But Why The Hate!?!

Well, these toxic figures are almost tragic individuals in the sense that they are usually very unhappy with their lives. In order to find some semblance of joy, they have to tear down the happiness of others. What’s worse is that these people use the guise of being your friend to get away with saying and doing whatever they want to you. They will play on your attachment to your long history together and you’ll subconsciously allow them to. Truly, it’s an awful type of relationship that exists throughout the world. People allow their past to control their future in a sense because they won’t dispatch the negativity due to some false sense of loyalty.

Have toxic friends and family in your life? Find out why you need to avoid these toxic people!

The Price Of Negativity.

If you hang around your joy vampire for too long, then your perception of the world may become corrupted. Do you really wanna turn into a cynical douche that thinks every situation in life needs sarcasm? No! Nobody wants that! Not only that, but you’ll just be very irritating to hang out with and people will tolerate your presence instead of enjoying it. So, too avoid those potential outcomes, slowly start transitioning toward more positive and upbeat friends that have your best interest at heart!

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Have toxic friends and family in your life? Find out why you need to avoid these toxic people!

The Past is The Past.

Never let your past determine your future. I know I stated this earlier but this advice must not be understated! You have a personal responsibility to find what makes you happy. We’re only here for so long and you don’t want anybody disrupting your joy. It doesn’t matter if you went to war with someone, if their influence leads you down a negative path, cut ties with them! Toxicity is a dangerous thing to have in your life. And it poisons many good men and women that refuse to rid themselves of it. Do you realize how many people in life allow their toxic environments to hold them back from greatness? If you tell someone your dream job and they laugh at it or immediately say “Oh, you can’t do that.” Walk away from them immediately!

Good Vibes.

Surround yourself with people that wanna see you be great! The planet is filled with a colorful cast of characters and it’d be a shame to waste your time with the bleached ones. For this reason, start being more introspective. When you meet someone new, analyze their vibe and what their seeking out of life. You don’t have to turn into Dr.Phil by any means, but start examining those around you. Sure not everyone you meet is gonna have drastic intentions for you, but you gotta always be vigilant about what energy you allow into your personal space. Toxicity is a disease that kills potential. Imagine how many cures and technological advancements would have happened if toxicity lingered in the air of those marvelous minds?

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