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8 Tips to Avoid Getting Written Up at ASU

8 Tips to Avoid Getting Written Up at ASU

Potentially getting written up at ASU is one of the scariest parts of college, but you can have fun without getting in trouble by following these 8 tips!

Arizona State University is known for their huge party scene. While this makes campus incredibly fun, here are some friendly tips that will help you get through college without getting written up at ASU and in trouble with the university. Keep reading to learn 8 tips that will help you avoid trouble at ASU.

1. ASU is a dry campus

Arizona State University is a DRY campus. So what does that mean? Dry campus means no alcohol on campus, regardless of the owner’s age or intention to consume it elsewhere. So sorry guys, I wouldn’t suggest sneaking vodka in your coffee for your 9 AM bio class or a football game.

2. If you do drink, be careful

DO NOT show up intoxicated to your dorm! Take this from personal experience, even though you may feel fine, you probably will be caught. Unfortunately if your caught sneaking into your room at 2 AM with a hint of alcohol your RA will have have to sit and chat with you about the consequences (you will be sent to an online school about drinking which is a pretty expensive cost).


3. Don’t keep alcohol in your room

In addition to tip #2, do not have alcohol in your room. ASU`s policy is no alcohol may be possessed or consumed by underage students in the dorms. If caught by an RA, not only will they write you up, but you will also have to take online courses and ASU Disciplinary offices will set up a meeting. If caught twice, ASU might even kick you out of your dorm.


4. Be extra careful drinking at school events

Please be careful if you decide to drink at fraternity events, or in general, any organizations here on campus. Not only will you get in trouble with Arizona State, but the organization will be wrote up as well!


5. Don’t get a “MIC”

Now this tip really isn’t an ASU rule, but if caught intoxicated on the streets you will be getting an “MIC”. An “MIC” means minor in consumption. The State of Arizona has an extremely harsh law regarding drinking and driving by underage drivers. While adults must have a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .08 to be charged with DUI, minors and young adults (up to age 21) can be charged with a DUI for having any alcohol in their system (.01 BAC), even if there are no physical signs of impairment.

6. Fake ID’s on Mill Ave

Mill Ave is a famous Arizona bar district containing several bars and restaurants that cater to the growing university crowd. Along with bars and restaurants are business complexes and university buildings. So as slick as you think you might be, don’t risk it!


7. Avoid “off-campus” frat parties

Here`s a tip if you are a part of Greek life at ASU!

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If you are in a sorority and you go to an “off- campus” fraternity party, your sorority can write you up. They are an “off- campus” frat so they were kicked out of Arizona State Greek life. So heads up ladies, you do not want to run into trouble with your chapter!


8. Be smart.

Finally, just be smart with the decisions you make! Remember, you are at Arizona State University to learn and to succeed. You’ll learn to balance everything out in time.


Hope you enjoyed reading these tips to not getting written up here at Arizona State! 

If you have any other tips for ASU students, feel free to comment them below. If these tips helped you, don’t forget to share!
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