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Top 5 Avocado Toast Spots In The L.A. Area

Top 5 Avocado Toast Spots In The L.A. Area

Avocado toast in Los Angeles is like the holy grail. Sunday brunch is not completely without a delicious and perfect-looking avo toast, therefore there are a ton of trendy places that are currently competing for the clients’ attention and the most Instagram likes. Although it’s not all about a good avocado toast Instagram photo when it comes to quality, it doesn’t hurt if the toast is pretty itself. Here are the top sive avocado toast spots in the L.A area.

1. Blue Stone Lane

If you’re looking for the most instagrammed, most delicious and truly affordable avocado toast in town, look no further and head over to any Blue Stone Lane in the L.A. area. Famous for their delicious coffee and mouthwatering avo toast, usually served in a cute blue & white to-go tray that allows for easy consumption while on the go, this store is a must when it comes to touring avocado toast spots.

Blue Stone Lane is an Aussie café known for quality and delicious products prepared in no time, including their famous avocado toast, or as they call it, “Avocado Smash”. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can paint outside of the lines and try their peanut butter & banana toast, it will definitely test your loyalty to the avo toast.

Top 5 Avocado Toast Spots In The L.A. Area

2. Olive and Thyme

Olive and Thyme, located in Burbank near the Warner Brothers lot, is more of an actual restaurant rather than a quick café, however, their avocado toast is extremely amazing. Available during breakfast and lunch, their avo toast is quite special and they call it the “Avocado & Burrata Toast”, clearly offering a slight twist on the old-school classic.

Olive & Thyme’s avocado toast features crushed avocado, heirloom tomatoes, burrata and basil served on grilled country sourdough with a balsamic vinaigrette salad. Try and top that! This is certainly not your average local avocado toast, it’s much more than that.

Top 5 Avocado Toast Spots In The L.A. Area

3. Le Pain Quotidienne

Although Le Pain Quotidienne is a chain available in almost every metropolitan city, it still deserves to be put on the list since it’s a classic and beloved spot for avocado toast among Angelinos themselves. Quick, simple, delicious and fresh, Le Pain’s avo toast is one of the most delicious out there. Simply made with sourdough bread, a thin layer of mashed avocado, crushed red peppers, and salt, this plain treat can turn a bad day into a great one.

Mind you, this is not one of those massively loaded avocado toasts, where the layer of avo is as tall as the Empire State building. This one is for those out there who enjoy a much lighter version that can perfectly feed you but leave a bit of space for a tasty dessert. Tip: add a soft boiled or sunny side egg for a  more delicious texture and taste.

Top 5 Avocado Toast Spots In The L.A. Area

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4. Sweet Butter Kitchen

If you’re from the valley, you know Sweet Butter is the place to be to enjoy a yummy brunch. They offer endless breakfast, lunch and brunch options, but if we’re talking avocado toast, it’s certainly one of their most delicious dishes, and one of the best avo toasts in town! In this case, theirs is called “Emma’s Avocado Toast” and it has smashed avocado, lemon juice, monini olive oil, fleur de sel & crushed red peppers on a rustic millstone bread.

Nothing crazy but definitely delicious. If you haven’t had it yet, you should give it a try and maybe even make Sweet Butter Kitchen your new brunch spot, it’s totally worth it.

Top 5 Avocado Toast Spots In The L.A. Area

5. The Hart And The Hunter

The avocado toast at The Hart And The Hunter is as famous as their butter biscuits and smoked trout toast. Handcrafted with southern charm on seeded sourdough bread with smoked olive, arugula, citrus, and parmesan cheese, this is a delicate twist on the regular avocado toast. Add an egg or two for a moist texture and a more traditional taste. Make sure you snap one or two pictures, as the place is extremely cute and the avocado toast is usually well-presented and totally Instagram worthy.

seeded sourdough, smoked olive, arugula, citrus, parmesan cheese (add egg +2

So, whether you’re a local or a tourist just passing by, make sure you try at least one or two of these amazing avocado toast spots in the Los Angeles area. Comment below and tell us which one you’ll try next!

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