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Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Now that September is here, it’s time to explore some great autumn styles. This autumn is full of new styles, colorful makeup looks, revamps of classic looks, and more. To help narrow things down, this list provides autumn style recommendations based on your zodiac sign! 

Aries: Corduroy

People with the Aries zodiac sign have the wonderful ability to rock classic styles without looking outdated. They’re able to transform older pieces into outfits that are modern, unique, and trendy. This season, one of the autumn styles Aries should try is corduroy!

This older material is making a comeback. There are all sorts of corduroy pieces available right now: skirts, pants, tops, jackets, and more. Corduroy comes in a variety of colors, and as an Aries, you’ll probably find yourself ready and willing to experiment with the many different shades and styles currently available.

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Taurus: Dark Lips

The Taurus sign is known to stand out in a subtle, sophisticated way. This may sound contradictory, but what it really means is that they’re able to separate themselves from the crowd without going overboard. One of the most timeless autumn styles is dark lipstick, and the subtly confident Taurus will definitely be able to pull off this look. 

Dark lipstick is a staple for fall, but few are willing to wear such daunting shades. Lip shades come in a variety of beautiful, deep colors, including ruby red, burnt orange, deep purple, and even black. Experimenting with these colors could be a fun challenge for the Taurus sign, and out of everyone, they’ll definitely be able to rock some darker lip colors. 

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Gemini: Little Black Dresses

Many Geminis enjoy changing up their style. They’re trendy, but they still do their own thing. In any wardrobe, it’s important to have a few basic pieces that can fit a variety of styles and occasion. For Geminis, a little black dress is a versatile piece that can be used with many autumn styles!

Many people already own a little black dress (or several), but if you don’t, it’s definitely worth investing in. At the surface level, a black dress may seem like a boring, basic piece, but these dresses are so easy to dress up or dress down. In the fall, a black dress looks great with all sorts of other clothing pieces, such as tights, a cute jacket, a flannel, and more. Geminis should find themselves able to experiment with all sorts of style combinations centered around this staple piece. 

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Cancer: Midi Dresses

Many Cancers have styles that are sophisticated and classy, which can manifest in a variety of ways. At the same time, comfort is key, especially in the colder months. One of the most beautiful autumn styles this year is the midi dress! 

Depending on where you live, autumn might be temperate, chilly, or hot. Regardless of temperature, midi dresses are versatile, and can be worn all year round. The silhouette created by this style is gorgeous on all body types, creating a soft, elegant, and feminine look. They can be worn on their own or with outerwear, and either way, midi dresses will help you look put-together with minimal effort. This dress length is making a big comeback, and Cancers should definitely give this timeless look a try. 

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Leo: Platform Mary Jane’s

As many people know, Leos are bold, creative, and vivacious. Because they’re able to embrace self-expression, Leos have a wide range of styles. Oftentimes, they prioritize what they like, rather than what the latest trend might be. Still, Leos certainly aren’t afraid of trying new things, and their personal styles are often quite eye-catching, especially since they tend to stand out from the norm. Out of this year’s autumn styles, platform Mary Jane’s should definitely be on a Leo’s radar. 

Mary Jane’s may be an old style, but recently, they’ve made a comeback — in the form of platform shoes. These revamped shoes are bold, edgy, but still chic, bringing a modern vibe to a classic style. The unique look of these shoes will be attractive to many Leos, and if anyone can rock such an eccentric style, a Leo can! 

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Virgo: Plaid Skirts

Virgos often have beautiful, feminine styles, and although they enjoy the classic pieces, they also have an affinity for stylistic experimentation. A great wardrobe essential for Virgos to try out this fall is a tried and true classic: the plaid skirt. 

Plaid skirts are something of an underrated classic, but in recent years, they’ve grown more and more popular. While some might associate plaid skirts with a “school girl” aesthetic, these skirts are much more versatile than people give them credit for. To make plaid skirts look more sophisticated, try pairing them with tucked-in sweaters, dark colors, tights, or nice shoes. With a plaid skirt, you can easily add a vintage flair to any outfit, which probably appeals to many Virgos. 

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Libra: Burnt Orange Makeup

In the colder months, Libras might find themselves steering toward the darker colors of their closet. They often stick with simple, modern pieces, but always find a way to make a basic outfit more interesting. One way to bring autumn vibes into their style without making their wardrobe too complex is to experiment with burnt orange makeup. 

In the fall, autumn makeup looks tend to steer toward dark lipstick, black liner, and gold shadows. All of these elements are wonderful, but lately, burnt orange pigments are growing more popular. The great thing about burnt orange is that it can be worn on the eyes and the lips. Nowadays, many eye shadow palettes include orange shades, so it’s likely that you already own a burnt orange pigment. Orange eye shadow looks stunning when paired with dark liner or mascara, and can make any eye color pop. Likewise, dark orange lipstick is gaining momentum, especially since it looks good on a variety of skin tones. Burnt orange makeup is an easy way for Libras to make their style more fall-appropriate without changing too many key aspects of their clothing styles. 

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Scorpio: Jean Jackets

Many Scorpios probably find themselves reaching for the same pieces again and again. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, and having several go-to staples is a great way to personalize your style! This fall, jean jackets are more popular than ever, and Scorpios should definitely take advantage of this trend. 

Jean jackets are perfect for fall, because they keep you warm but still look fantastic. They aren’t too bulky or heavy, so this outerwear can be worn all throughout the day, keeping your outfit cute and trendy. Scorpios should find themselves loving this style, because it can be worn over and over again with several different outfits. 

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

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Sagittarius: Black Booties

A Sagittarius often dresses in a way that’s polished and delicate, without being too conventional. They might prefer simple, feminine pieces, but they still find ways to add intrigue to their outfits, especially in terms of shoes and accessories. As such, black booties are one of the most reliable autumn styles. 

Year after year, new variations of the classic black bootie come out, and lately, booties with a slight heel are especially popular. These shoes are a great way for a Sagittarius to add trendiness to their personal style. They make a statement, but aren’t quite as overwhelming as a pair of knee-high boots. Black booties are modern and wearable, adding some height without being impossible to walk in. They can work with any outfit, adding a beautiful, appropriate seasonal touch to any type of style.

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Capricorn: Lace Accents

Capricorns tend to steer toward comfortable clothing, which is perfect for the autumn season. Their individual styles are always evolving, but they probably find themselves sticking to soft, feminine, classic pieces. Capricorns are minimal and sophisticated, and one way to exemplify this in their wardrobe this fall is to add lace accents!

Believe it or not, lace is making a comeback, but then again, was it ever really out of style? Lace is a foolproof way to add delicacy to your style while still keeping things simplistic. Rather than wearing a clothing piece made entirely of lace, finding items with lace details is an easy way to add a touch of femininity to any style. 

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Aquarius: Faux-Leather

The Aquarius sign is curious, adventurous, and independent. They don’t shy away from boldness and color, and their creative nature often manifests in the way they dress. Self-expression is important, and they often use their styles to express their individuality! As such, one way to get experimental with this year’s autumn styles is to add some faux-leather pieces to their wardrobe.

Leather has never gone out of style, yet many people still shy away from the boldness that comes with wearing leather clothing pieces. However, there are simpler ways to add leather to your style without having to go all out. A faux-leather handbag, pencil skirt, or shoes, for example, all provide the perfect blend of classy and edgy. By purchasing faux-leather, everything benefits: animals, the environment, and your wallet. You can look daring and courageous while still being eco-friendly!

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

Pisces: Dark Florals

Pisces can be rather whimsical, which is often expressed through their unique and ever-evolving styles. They might find themselves steering toward feminine, flowing fabrics, and because of this, one of this year’s autumn styles that’s perfect for every Pisces is dark floral prints!

Dark florals merge a classic print and a darker palette, making this style perfect for fall. With an elegant combination of femininity and moody colors, dark florals are a fantastic style choice for this season. This print is elegant, whimsical, and seasonally appropriate. 

Autumn Styles To Try Out Based On Your Zodiac

There are all sorts of fun autumn styles to try out this year, and hopefully, this list gave you some new ideas. Leave a comment below and let us know which look you’re excited to try!

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