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Autumn Recipes Perfect For Chilly Nights

Autumn Recipes Perfect For Chilly Nights

These autumn recipes will help warm your stomach and your soul! These are our favorite things to eat on cold fall nights!

Now Autumn is approaching, it is likely to cause a change in your eating habits. Forget salads and sandwiches, it’s time to enjoy hearty warming food which we all love at this time of year. From soups to curries we all have our favourites. But if you are fed up with the same old dishes, you may be seeking some inspiration to awaken your palette this season. So, if you want to know more, keep on reading to know the best autumn recipes perfect for chilly nights.

Splendid soup:

Soup may not be your first choice of something extremely amazing and new. But it can’t be argued it is the perfect classic for this time of year. If you are looking for something new to try why not try a noodle soup for added texture? There are an abundance of recipes for noodle soup online and you can customise it to anything you have in the cupboard at home. Try onion, sweetcorn and garlic perhaps. Simmer with your stock and add your noodles. It is as simple as that! For even  more added flavour, why not try making some cheese twists, they are more interesting then bread, and are easy to make out of ready to make puff pastry, or even ready-made in a box.

Autumn Recipes Perfect For Chilly Nights

Super sausages:

Sausages are a great versatile meat, especially in Autumn time as they are hearty and filling. Instead of frying or grilling them which can make them fatty and oily, why not try baking them. This one dish wonder is quick and saves on washing up. Place the sausages on a baking tray with baby potatoes and any veg you have such as onion, asparagus and tomatoes. Add salt, pepper and your desired spice. Then bake in the oven. You can find this sort of recipe online, but it is so easy and doesn’t require much effort. You could swap the meat sausages for vegetarian ones, which work just as well. If you are extra peckish, serve with gravy and additional side vegetables. This is one of the autumn recipes we love!

Autumn Recipes Perfect For Chilly Nights

Perfect pie:

Nothing says autumn like a pie. It is filling and warms you up on those cold nights.  You may be thinking a pie is super hard work, but it doesn’t have to be at all. All you need is chicken, or a meat replacement if you’re a vegetarian, fry on the hob with vegetables of your choice  with any herbs. Thyme and garlic are a great choice with chicken. When cooked, let them cool and add to the pan. Top with ready-made puff pastry for a gorgeous golden pie. You can serve with gravy or cream sauce alongside or in the pie. You can find exact recipes online for all different pies. If you have vegetables, any meat and ready to use puff pastry you should be able to create nearly anything, get creative!

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Autumn Recipes Perfect For Chilly Nights

Rustic Risotto:

Risotto is a great way to use up things you have in the cupboard. It is indulgent and much easier than you think it is. All you have to do is brown onions and tomato paste in a pan. When soft, add your risotto rice and a tablespoon of white wine vinegar. When it is browned off you can add your vegetables such as peas or green beans to catch the tomato flavour. Then boil a stock cube with hot water. Add bit by bit to the pan, refilling when the rice absorbs it. You can then serve with fresh lemon, parsley and parmesan cheese. This is a real family favourite. This is one of the best autumn recipes!

Autumn Recipes Perfect For Chilly Nights

What are your favourite autumn recipes? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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