Stephanie Dawson

Hello! I am a nerdy, quirky, energetic, and barely sleeping sophomore at Appalachian State University studying Cell/Molecular Biology because apparently, I enjoy death. After college, I hope to pursue a career in the medical field by attending either Medical or PA School. I also enjoy being a Chemistry Lab TA, a University Tutor, President of a Community Service organization that also happens to watch Disney Movies, proud member of both the Appalachian Musical Theater Club and New Life, an on campus church group, a certified EMT and lifeguard, an AppolCorp, and a Society19 Blogger! When I can possibly find any free time, I enjoy playing Mario Kart with my roommates, baking cupcakes and cookies, playing the ukulele, watching Stranger Things and Haters Back Off on Netflix, and reading books over and over again. I did theater for ten years of my life and went to a performing arts high school, so I know more theater knowledge and trivia then any human should possibly know. I'm extremely clumsy, and uncoordinated, yet I think I should hike and climb rocks, so it's a miracle I haven't died yet while living in Boone. Hope you enjoy!

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