Nicolette Takach

My name is Nicolette Takach, I am a Sophomore at Rutgers University. Right now I am minoring in Psychology and majoring in Exercise Science, but I also love English. I grew up in a small town in New Jersey and have 2 parents, and one older brother. I also have two cats. In high school I was shy and uncomfortable with everyone because most people seemed to be immature and I just didn’t fit in with that crowd. I played Softball in high school and continue playing it now in college. I love listening to people’s stories and giving advice, but I also love writing. Therefore writing for SRtrends seems like a fun thing to do. I love music also, although I can’t sing or play, but I can appreciate it. I am really into bands such as Queen, Beatles, and Mama’s and Papa’s, but also new bands such as 5sos, One Direction, and The Janoskians.

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