Angela Goude

28 year old, Angela Goude is an up-and-coming blogger/writer and was honored with an invitation to join the Society19 Media Marketing Agency just this year. As a college grad with an associates in Applied Science, Majoring in Paralegal Studies, Goude decided to venture away from Law and onto Finance. Goude progresses at her career as a Finance Service Manager at Family Choice Financial where she will continue to rise in success. Goude takes pride in not only her work, but her family. This mother of one is not less than talented while juggling motherhood and business. Goude is a futuristic believer and a faith worshiper. Photography as well as music play a wide role in Goude's life and at heart, she's a traveling gypsy soul. Goude aspires to be fulfilled by not only simplicity but gratification through all things life.

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