10 Young Artists Whose Work Will Inspire You

There are so many inspiring young artists on Instagram. With so many eclectic works of art, these ten artists are sure to liven up your Instagram feed!

Art has incredible power. It can make us feel certain emotions and make us think. It can also inspire. Here are 10 young artists whose artwork is beautiful and Instagram accounts are similarly as artistic. They provide a range of inspiration, but above all they’ll remind you that age is no barrier to success!

1. Emily McDowell – @emilymcdowell_

Emily creates, among other things, greeting cards that add a little more to the old ‘kind regards’.
The messages are bold, bright, real and raw. Emily’s work includes a line of Empathy Cards for those times in life when you struggle to find the right words. The artist blends her knack with words with her illustrating skills to create cards that really are works of art. Her words are sure to leave you feeling brighter! They can be purchased from here.



2. Jordan Manhall – @jordaaaan_

One of my personal favourite artists on Instagram, Jordan Manhall’s watercolours are bright, beautiful and reminiscent of summer. They will inspire you to head down to the beach for sure. Although no longer active on the account @jemwatercolour, I recommend checking it out for an idea of her style. Jordan’s newest pieces can be found on her personal account. You can buy her work through her Instagram account or from her shop.


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3. Jessica Janik – @jj_illus

This 22-year old from Germany creates intriguing and downright beautiful pieces. She often paints a scene inside the silhouette of her subjects, which makes her pieces very interesting. I find her artwork quite calming and reflective. It will inspire you to look at things from a beautiful angle. You can buy her art from her Etsy shop.


4. Christina Seng – @cosmics0ul

Christina Seng’s creative bohemian energy flows through to her artwork, which ranges from mandalas to cosmic moons and stars and everything in between. She often uses blues, purples and other calming colours. Her work can be purchased from her Etsy shop. Christina’s artwork is not only beautiful and soothing, it’s perfect for the hippie at heart. Inspiration for those dreamy days!



5. Lisa King – @artoflisaking

Lisa King has some fly painting skills and an Instagram to boot. The street artist specialises in mural art, some of which you can see around the city of Adelaide. Her Instagram is bright and quirky, with each image being a piece of art itself. Lisa’s work will definitely inspire you to be bold within yourself!




6. Cat Wall – @cat_wall

Cat’s Instagram is, in her words, ‘a bit of a sketchbook’. She posts both pieces she draws for fun and commissions. I find it a quirky and fun add to my feed, inspiring me to embrace my artsy side! Cat is a talented artist whose work has been showcased in several exhibitions, including one run by Santa Cruz. Recently she’s created album artwork for Sydney band Yon Yonson. Cat mainly does commission work, but if you see something on her Instagram that you like, she encourages you to get in contact with her! Cat’s Instagram showcases her artwork beautifully. Worth checking out!




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7. Kristina Webb – @colour_me_creative

When it comes to illustrations, Kristina has serious talent. Seriously, she has even illustrated for Disney! Kristina’s gorgeous, thoughtful illustrations are a necessity for your Instagram feed. Her posts will constantly inspire you to pick up your pencils and draw. Speaking of which, Kristina has published two colouring-in books filled with her designs, which you can buy here.



8. Astchiek Melkonian – @shining_star_draws

This 18 year old Dutch artist switches up between pencils and paint, and the results are beautiful. Her drawings focus on small details and colour and inspire you to dream. Astchiek’s Instagram makes me smile, and will definitely do the same for you!


9. Joshua Miels – @joshuamiels

Joshua Miels creates portraits with a focus on male mental health, and his Instagram is dedicated to his art. The paintings are both striking and poignant. His messy, distressed style of painting stands out, conveying the murkiness in which our mental health can sometimes be. He will inspire you to be there for those around you and get to know them better. Check out this video to see some of Joshua’s work.



10. Rebecca Loechler – @rebeccaloechlerart

Rebecca draws her mandala-like designs on everything from paper to wood. They’re all unique, and sure to spice up your Instagram feed! If you want a one-of-a-kind piece, Rebecca sells leggings, tops and other clothing items with her designs on them. Her art will inspire you to be bold and be different!


Who are your favorite young artists on Instagram? Comment below!
Featured photo source: instagram.com and wikipedia.org
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