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You Know You Go To Bond University When

You Know You Go To Bond University When

Situated in Queensland,Australia, Bond University is an amazing school to go to!But you definitely know you go to Bond University when you hear these signs.

We all know going to Bond University over other schools is an experience in itself. But through the ups and downs, we wouldn’t change our time here at Bond for any other university. If you go to Bond, you’ll definitely be able to relate to these signs; you know you go to Bond University when…

1. You’re at Don’s nearly every Thursday.

Whether it’s Revival, Palaver, the Physical or Mid-Sem bash, you can be sure if it’s not an exam week, something will be going on at Don’s. It’s good after a long week of classes to rewind and hit up Don’s dressed in theme with your friends.

2. You’re in more debt than most people your age.

Those degrees don’t come cheap. Thanks to the government and FEE-HELP, we get a little help with that. However, Bond degrees are no doubt much more pricey than public universities. I’m sure most students will agree though that the Bond experience is worth it.

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3. Wednesday’s mean free lunch.

When there’s a line at the amphitheater at midday it must be hump day. Thanks to BUSA, Wednesday by the Water provides a sausage sizzle lunch every week. It beats going to pay for a meal at the Bra.

4. Taking the stairs requires a bit of thinking.

Bond is a pretty campus and has some great architectural structures. However, one thing they didn’t quite consider was the stairs on the way to the library and the MLC. Known as the ‘thinking stairs’ they’re a daily struggle for students. If you take one step at a time it’s too much of a stretch whereas if you use both feet on one step it’s too little of a distance. The best way is to do one step then two.


5. Holidays are a rare occasion.

With fast tracked degrees come less holidays. Not only do we get a total of 10 weeks of holidays a year (including O-Weeks), public holidays are nearly non-existent. Apart from ANZAC Day and Good Friday, you can expect to go to classes on all other public holidays. However, it is worth it in the end when you get to cut an extra year or two off your degree.

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6. You have friends from everywhere.

It would be odd for you to go to Bond and only know people from the Gold Coast. Bond’s campus is riddled with students from all over Australia and the world. With students from more than 80 countries, you’ll be sure to make friends with someone who you can travel with.

Can you think of any more signs you know you go to Bond University? Let us know in the comments!
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