You Know You Are From Melbourne If You Relate To These Things


Melbourne has a distinctive culture that sets us apart from the rest of Australia. We may not be the official capital of Australia, but we are the cultural capital when it comes to food, music and art (sorry Sydney!). So whether it’s our obsession with food or our love/hate relationship with the public transport system, if you’re from Melbourne you’ll probably relate to some of these things:

You are serious about coffee

Sometimes the stereotypes are true: people from Melbourne have a serious relationship with coffee. Whether its a flat white or an espresso, your coffee order is one of the most important parts of your day. Your local cafe is your second home and scorn the idea of stepping foot in a Starbucks.

You Know You Are From Melbourne If You Relate To These Things

You are just as serious about your food

Melbourne’s love for coffee is rivalled only by its love for food. You know you’re from Melbourne when you call yourself a foodie and the best part of your weekend is going to the latest trendy restaurant everyone’s talking about.

You’ll happily pay $20 for smashed avo on toast

Nothing says Melbourne like spending a small fortune for some smashed avocado on toast and it being totally normal. It’s totally worth it.

You Know You Are From Melbourne If You Relate To These Things

You’re probably celiac

Or know someone who is. Gluten free foods are everywhere these days, rivalled only by the rise in vegan foods.

You’re closet is mostly black

We love fashion and while some are known to rock a bright Gorman dress, you tend to prefer to tend to classic, simple black.

You Know You Are From Melbourne If You Relate To These Things

You have strong opinions about trams

Love it or hate it, Melbourne’s iconic tram is always a hot topic debate (just like the rest of the public transport system). Car owners hate them, as they just cause traffic. But for the rest of us without cars, they’re our only way to navigate inner city suburbs.

You get upset over how tourists pronounce “Melbourne”

It’s “Mel-bin” not “Mel-born.”

You ALWAYS wear layers

Melbourne is known its “four seasons in a day” weather. We can experience scorching sun, sudden gusts of wind, pouring ran and freezing cold…All in one day. If you’re from Melbourne, you always make sure to wear layers just in case.

You call graffiti “street art”

Melbourne’s street art is recognised world-wide and you’re proud of this fact. It’s not simply graffiti, but an art form, dealing with diverse subjects and reflecting modern Australian culture in a way other art forms don’t.

You Know You Are From Melbourne If You Relate To These Things

You barrack for an AFL team

Even if you don’t like the sport. Melbourne is the sports capital of Australia and people are obsessed with AFL. It’s in our lifeblood. People would just look at you in horror if you said you didn’t support a team.

You carry a travel cup

And secretly judge people who don’t use one.

You’re serious about recycling

Melbourne is full of eco-warriors who are passionate about saving the environment in any way they can. You cannot fathom the idea of not separating your plastics from your glass. You probably have a compost, too.

You eat ice-cream in winter

Melbourne has some of the best ice-cream stores in the country and you’re not going to let the cold weather stop you from enjoying them. You personally blame Gelato Messina for any extra kilos you might gain.

You Know You Are From Melbourne If You Relate To These Things

You think activated charcoal is totally normal

Weird food trends come and go through Melbourne and you’ve tried them all, from pickle-flavoured ice-cream to algae smoothies to avocado lattes. Nothing fazes you.

You’re proud to come from Melbourne

No matter you are in the world, you’re always proud to say you’re from Melbourne.

Do you relate to any of these things? Tell us which ones in the comments below!

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