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What To Do in Adelaide This Weekend: Plant 4 Bowden 

What To Do in Adelaide This Weekend: Plant 4 Bowden 

If you live in Adelaide and need things to do for fun, here's what to do in Adelaide this weekend! Plant 4 Bowden is a market hub of food, booze, handcrafted goods, community and special events that everyone should check out!

Plant 4 Bowden is a market hub of food, booze, handcrafted goods, community and special events. Just outside of the city, there’s plenty of parking, or catch the tram to the entertainment centre and walk a few minutes. Here’s what to do in Adelaide this weekend!

It’s not 100% vegan, but it is certainly a vegan’s paradise!

So, if you’re looking for something to do in Adelaide this weekend, Plant 4 Bowden has you covered. Spend the day lazing around on the grass, avoiding your essays, or pop by for a quick study break and a drink on the balcony.


What surprised me was the friendly, laid-back atmosphere. Some markets can have too much of a pretentious vibe about them! AND, how reasonably priced the mouth-watering food is. Even on a student budget, you’ll leave satisfied!

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Here’s a few of my favourite, must-stop-at stalls:

Saturday Morning Brunch: Live a Little Waffles

Ever wished there was a Subway-type place where you could customise waffles to your liking? Well, there is! Live a Little serves up freshly made giant vegan, gluten free waffles (don’t be scared, they’re AMAZING). You can choose your own flavoured ice cream to go on top, as well as fruit, syrups, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate, marshmallows and more. A waffle and ice cream goes for $9.50 (keep in mind, it takes up a whole dinner plate…), then toppings are 50 cents-$1 each. If it’s pay day you can live like a king, and if not, you can still enjoy a budget version of the waffles you desire.


Saturday Afternoon Graze: Milkless Cheese Platter

Milkless takes vegan cheese to a whole new level. You can enjoy a cheese platter (and a glass of wine!) at Plant 4 Bowden or grab some cheese to take home.

Milkless is hands down the best vegan gourmet cheese around. Whether you’re vegan or not, it’s worth trying. It’s not aiming to replicate the taste of ‘real cheese’, rather create something even tastier and diverse for your grazing platter! My personal favourite is the Spinach and Artichoke- yum!

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Hearty Saturday Lunch: Francesco’s Cicchetti, Venetian Soul Food

I’m Italian, so you can trust me on this. Francesco’s Cicchetti serves up some brilliant Italian food (sorry Nonna…). The options are mostly vegan and gluten free too! My favourite go-to is the vegan lasagne with potato and green salad on the side. It’s incredibly reasonably priced for the huge amount of food you get. Depending on your appetite, it might even be enough for 2 meals! So, ask for it in a take away box and keep the rest for dinner. Uni student life 101!


Stop by his stall at Plant 4 Bowden for a delicious, hearty meal that feeds the soul.


In fact, he’s just opened a permanent restaurant called Francesco’s Osteria at Henley Beach, if that’s a better location for you. I drooled just looking at the menu…

Afternoon Snack: Beiman Dumplings

Beiman features Taiwanese style food of epic proportions. After a long day of eating too much at Plant 4 Bowden, I like to stop by and get takeaway dumplings for dinner (which I usually finish on the tram home… whoops!). There’s a tasty range of vegan options to choose from of course, but I have a weakness for these dumplings as they’re the best I’ve ever had (vegan or otherwise). You can have them as part of a meal or on their own. And just like the other stalls, you won’t need to sell your soul to afford them!

Visit Plant 4 Bowden’s full website for details and opening times.


*Different stallholders operate at varying hours, so not all these goodies may be there when you go. Don’t fret, there’s a huge range of delicious things to eat!

Got any more ideas for what to do in Adelaide? Let us know down below!

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