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What Not To Do At Your First Uni Party

What Not To Do At Your First Uni Party

Here's what not to do at your first uni party. Uni parties are a blast and quite memorable... or forgettable but here are things you shouldn't do whatsoever

A big part of university, especially when you first start, is the party scene. It can be pretty easy to leave home and, with a newfound sense of freedom, go pretty crazy. So, here is what not to do at your first uni party!

1. Spend the whole time looking at your phone

When you don’t know many people it can be a habit to just grab your phone out and scroll through social media all night. Try and avoid this as much as possible as it won’t make it look like you are interested in meeting new people!


2. Get too drunk

This is an important point because it can be pretty easy to do! Don’t get too drunk. You need to be in control, especially if you are living away from home as you have keys, ID cards and the likes to look after!

3. Not meet new people

The point of having so many uni parties near the beginning of the year or semester is to meet new people. Be open minded and just say hello to a new group. You never know, these could be your new best friends!


4. Miss out on photos

Going to parties comes hand in hand with taking photos! Whether they are selfies with your friends or those taken by the club photographer, make sure you get in a few as they are a nice way to remember one of your first nights out at uni!

5. Lose your friends

When you’re going out, make sure you have supportive and trustworthy friends around you. There is nothing worse than when you go out and lose your friends. The cost for an uber when it is no longer divided by four people can be pretty steep.

6. Leave your drink unattended

NEVER leave your drink on the table to go dance or go to the bathroom and then think you can come back to it. If you really can’t miss out on the song that is currently playing on the dance-floor then take your drink with you or leave it and buy a new one when you come back. It really isn’t worth the risk!



7. Spend all your money

It can seem very fun at the time, but make sure you don’t spend too much money on your first night out. Stagger your spending out over the night and maybe if you know you’re too likely to suggest paying for rounds when you’re drunk, only put a certain amount of accessible money in your account.

8. Succumb to peer pressure

This is a big one! If someone, whether your friend or a complete stranger, is trying to encourage you to do something that you are uncomfortable with- do not do it! They may be annoyed with you in the moment but at the end of the day you stuck to your guns and that is the main thing.

9. Leave with strangers

You came with friends, so lets leave with them. Sure, these strangers seem really nice in the club, and chances are they are probably just really nice, but do you really want to risk that?


10. Feel like you even have to go

If you don’t feel like uni parties are for you, and you would prefer to meet people through other avenues, then go for it! Sometimes, curling up in bed and watching Netflix is what is going to make you happiest. At the end of the day, it is up to you how you spend your time at university, and the main thing is just to be happy.

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Hopefully you have picked up a few hints and tips regarding what not to do at your first uni party. Let me know if you think something else should have made the list.
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