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What Exactly Happens At First Year Orientation At La Trobe

What Exactly Happens At First Year Orientation At La Trobe

The word "orientation" sounds quite formal, doesn't it?! Never fear! I've broken down exactly what happens at freshman orientation at La Trobe.

The word “orientation” sounds quite formal, doesn’t it?! “Yes” would be an obvious answer, more so because entering a new country and pursuing your dream course is challenging. There are nerves playing, separation from families & friends, the swelling of emotions braided by a completely different atmosphere which adds to the tension. Moving on, there are zillion queries which surround a first-year student regarding new friends, part-time jobs, study pattern, the hunt for rented rooms, indigenous cuisines and even places to party! The answers to these queries and even further understanding to allow students to come at ease with “Life at Uni” is imparted by carefully & critically planned orientation at La Trobe.

First up, you’re provided with an orientation plan which includes different lectures related to things mentioned above. These lectures are inter-layered with fun activities, campus tour & free meals to make your orientation week long-lasting.  Oh, did I mention “Orientation Week”?! Hmm, well that is how long orientation at La Trobe usually lasts. Now, most of you would have had your faces buried in hands-“Do I need to attend all sessions?”, “God! It’s so boring!” and maybe other reactions. But it’s during these days one gets to meet new students just like you, maybe students from same course as yours!

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During these lectures related to uni stuff; one is taught about the university’s mechanics, it’s departments, it’s intolerant policy towards plagiarism. You’ll get a hang of pronouncing this word more often than not! Also lectures related to finding part-time jobs and OSHC insurance covers.  The best part about these lectures is one gets to interact with the specialized lecturers of that particular field. So don’t be surprised if you are lectured about functioning of police department by actual policemen!

Next up, information and support-technical as well as physical regarding enrollment of subjects, changing of subjects and registration process regarding to physical registration at La Trobe is nicely provided.

Enough of lectures, huh! Now moving on to fun activities, couple of hours on a particular day is reserved for enrollment in La Trobe clubs. There are numerous clubs to choose from and participate in their fun-filled creative activities. Furthermore, campus tours & library tours are hosted by uni to get students to be familiarized with the surroundings.

Who will help? All through the orientation week look out for “International Hosts.” La Trobe current students wearing red t-shirts with these above mentioned words. They are here to help and you may ask anything from them, they would provide you solutions to all your queries with a brimming smile- venues for lectures, eating places, banks and places to hangout at uni too! Also ask “Ask Latrobe”, yeah the name sounds like a helpline (that’s what it is) they’re easy to find too, located at Level 1 of Library, you can ask anything and every thing from them.

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Okay, rounding up I’d say that it’s a terrific experience; and also you’re first week at LaTrobe, so canvass new beginnings and fathom your knowledge. Wishing you all the best of luck!

Do you know anything else that happens at your first year orientation at La Trobe? Let us know in the comments below!
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