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10 Ways To Liven Up Your Dorm Room You Should Know About

10 Ways To Liven Up Your Dorm Room You Should Know About

Finding different ways to liven up your dorm rooms is a fun and exciting way to make your college experience more comfortable, relaxing and inviting. A plain dorm room can feel stifling and boring so by making sure that it is bright and cosy can change your attitude towards your time at university. Here are 10 quick and easy ways to liven up your dorm room so you can get back to studying!

1. Vintage Trunks

Vintage trunks not only look good but are also a practical way to liven up your dorm room. Old trunks bring a funky vintage vibe to your room and also provide storage space – perfect for extra bedding, clothes, or books. Their functionality doesn’t just end there though! You can also use them as coffee tables or bedside tables. By putting one or two of these in your dorm room you will create a unique look while adding a ton of more space. Check out these cute trunks on etsy!

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2. Paper Lanterns

Liven up your dorm room by hanging paper lanterns for unique lighting. Paper lanterns are the perfect dim lighting for a cinematic experience, all you need is LED tea light candles – this way you don’t have to worry about it being a fire hazard! Also, you can use sticky tape or blu-tack to hang them without any hassle!

3. Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

This may seem like an obvious one, but pillows are the best way to liven up your dorm room. Not only are you going to need them to sleep, you will be spending a lot of time in your dorm room hanging out with friends and so plenty of comfort is a necessary. Having lots of pillows, of all different shapes and sizes, allows you to use them to sit on the floor or turn your bed into a couch.

4. Candles and Diffusers

Make sure you liven up your dorm room by ensuring that it always smells incredible! The easiest way to do this is by buying scented candles and keeping them lit when you are inside. However, if your college has rules against open flames you can always opt for an aroma diffuser and a set of scented essential oils. Find affordable diffusers here! 


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5. Featured Vine Wall

Hanging fake vines down a wall is an easy way to add plants to liven up your dorm room without having to look after or maintain anything. These fake vines also add a pop of colour to your dorm room walls, brightening up your living space. Find them here!

6. Movie Bucket List Poster

Liven up your dorm room and your “study nights” with friends with this movie bucket list poster! This poster has 100 classic movies that everyone should watch in their lifetime, and once you have watched the movie you scratch off its panel to reveal a colourful image!


7. Fairy Lights

You wouldn’t be able to liven up your dorm room without fairy lights. They look pretty, add extra light and never go out of style! You can find fairy lights in all different shapes and colours, so you can really make them suit you and your personality no matter what you prefer!


8. Magnetic Photo Display

Another way to liven up your dorm room is to create a magnetic photo display by using a whiteboard, mini magnets and your favourite photos! By using a whiteboard and magnets, not only are you able to easily change the photos whenever you want to, you can also write notes and to-do lists on it.

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8. Rustic Bookends

Adding a pair of rustic bookends on either side of your textbooks is a great way to liven up your dorm room as well as keep everything in its spot. Bookends are an awesome way to decorate while remaining practical and not wasting space. Check out these awesome rustic bookends we found!


10. Mini Herb Garden

Finally, liven up your dorm room by planting your own mini herb garden. All you need is 3 small pots, three herb seeds, potting soil and a tray to place underneath the pots. You can plant basil, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary or any other herb you would like!

Livening up your dorm room is the best way to start your uni year right. Let us know in the comments below if you try any of these!

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