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5 Warm Drinks To Make This Holiday

5 Warm Drinks To Make This Holiday

Australian weather can be confusing and a little crazy at times. But with the cold weather comes the warm drinks. Here are some ideas for this holiday!

Australian winters can be tough — you’ll understand if you’re a Melburnian, that winter does not adhere to the definition of winter. Winters in Australia range from mild to extreme (well, as extreme as Australia can get without snow.) And sometimes a warm drink is unnecessary because apparently summer didn’t get the memo that it was on it’s annual leave for a few months. But don’t fear – I have 5 warm drinks that are suitable for a range of weather occasions!

1. The Classic Hot Chocolate Everyone Needs In Life

I’m currently wrapped in three different blankets, with the weather app telling me it’s 8ºC so I’m going to start with the drink that I make when I want to get really warm! It’s simple to make and you can add extras — so it’s like a million drinks in one recipe! I sometimes experiment by adding some chilli and cinnamon, or Nutella! Find this simple recipe here!

2. Masala You Always Make This One? Yes, Alway Yes.

Masala chai is one of my most favourite drinks in the entire world. I lived on it when I was travelling in Nepal and I love finding opportunities to share the experience with other people. For this recipe, you can do two different things — you can make a homemade masala chai, where you prepare and mix the spices yourself or you can go find a packet version for those days when you’re short on time.


3. Apple Cider, Of The Mulled Variety

Got a sweet-tooth but sick of milk-based drinks? This mulled spiced cider is perfect for date night or solo nights, and is super flexible to your own tastes. I’m not too fond of cloves, so I used less than needed and substitute with a bit more nutmeg. Follow this recipe here!

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4. Pumpkin Spice Latte, Fashionably Late

So it’s a popular flavour -pumpkin spice- and every time it’s mentioned, I wonder if Pumpkin Spice is the odd-Spice-Girl-out that nobody ever mentioned before. But it’s still delicious and I wouldn’t put it on this list if I didn’t think it was delicious enough for all of you! so go wild with this recipe here. (BONUS: this recipe includes real pumpkin, recipe tips and tricks, and a section on how to make your own batch of pumpkin spice!)


5. The One For The Summertime

This isn’t classified as a warm drink, but remember how Aussie weather can often be a hit-or-miss? You never know if you need something on the cooler side — and this Peppermint Oreo Milkshake is perfect for those summer Christmastimes as well! Find the recipe here!


  • Saturday 3 June is World Cider Day
  • The word ‘chai’ is just ‘tea’ in English (so when you order a chai tea, you’re ordering tea tea.) And the word ‘masala’ means ‘spiced’, so the proper term for that chai tea you’re drinking is actually masala chai.
  • The spices used in masala chai are beneficial to your health (cinnamon is antibacterial, cardamom improves digestion and cleanses the kidney, ginger improves digestion and protects against cold and flu — SHOUTOUT TO HEALTH BENEFITS!)
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  • Read the recipe carefully before starting, particularly if it’s you’re first time making it because then you definitely won’t forget anything.
  • If you’re making one serving for yourself, use a microwave safe mug and microwave your drink (after stirring) for about a minute, and then continue at 30 second intervals until it’s just right!
  • If you’re making a batch for a lot of guests, be mindful of the quantities and how you double (or triple) the recipe as some flavours (particularly spices) are stronger than others in different quantities.
  • With a lot of the recipes above, you can substitute the ingredients to suit your own diet; the recipe in number 4 includes the creator’s list of recommended substitutions and all her comments throughout the cooking process.
  • Floats are amazing; I’ve found most drinks (even the cooler ones) can become an amazing float drink by just adding a scoop of your favourite ice cream flavour.

All these recipes are flexible, so you can follow them down to a T or you can go crazy and style your drink for yourself!

How’d it go? Did you add anything to your recipes, and did it work out? Any other tips and tricks for warm drinks you’d like to share? Tell us below!
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