10 Vegan Supermarket Foods You Need to Try (Even if You Aren’t Vegan)

If you're vegan and have a hard time finding good snacks and food at the grocery store, here are some vegan supermarket foods you can find at ALDI, Woolworths, Coles and more stores! Most are also gluten free and vegetarian friendly as well!

All these vegan snack foods are ideal for parties, having friends over or just for yourself when you need a break from procrastinating your assignment. All available from your local supermarket so no need to go to a speciality vegan store. Some of them are good old favourites you may not have realised were vegan, and others are hidden vegan gems! Here are 10 vegan supermarket foods you need to try!

1. Cobs Popcorn

You don’t need to pop this stuff in the microwave, just eat it straight out of the bag. But be warned, IT. IS. ADDICTIVE. It’s one of those snacks where you eat the entire bag in a few minutes. There’s heaps of flavours, but the vegan ones are Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet (aka, the BEST flavour), Sea Salt and Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar. It’s the best popcorn you’ll ever eat, so vegan or not, who cares?

*The Smokey BBQ flavour may also be vegan but I can’t seem to find a straight answer on this.


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2. Oreos

YES, Oreos are vegan! This always shocks my non-vegan friends.  If you’re wanting to go vegan but don’t want to kiss this classic goodbye, you don’t have to worry!



3. Fry’s Vegan Nuggets

I cannot recommend these enough! They are the tastiest vegan ‘meat’ product on the market! My non-vegan boyfriend is OBSESSED with them (and so am I). They’re a much healthier alternative to doing a cheeky Maccas run, and can be easily turned into a lazy meal by adding some salad or potatoes. The story of how the Fry Family Food Company was started is super sweet, you can watch it here on their website.

Buy them here:


4. Arnott’s BBQ Shapes

Good ol’ Shapes. It’s surprising but YES they are a vegan snack! Keep in mind, none of the other Shapes flavours are. But we all know BBQ has always been the best anyway.

5. Skittles

Who doesn’t love eating a rainbow? Skittles are one of the best accidental vegan snacks. They’re usually my go-to purchase at the cinema candy bar when there’s no vegan options in sight…

6. Over the Moo Coconut Ice-Cream

Real talk. Over the Moo is the best ice cream you’ll ever eat; vegan, dairy or otherwise. I’m trying to remain calm as I write this but holy moly it’s just so damn good. I want to jump out of your screen and drag you to Woolies to buy some so you can shower me with thank you gifts. You’re bloody welcome. My favourite flavour is I Fell for Caramel, which has crunchy toffee bits and swirls of caramel throughout. If that’s not your thing (what??) there’s 8 other flavours to choose from. BONUS, all the flavour names are PUNS! Yes, I literally laugh out loud in the frozen aisle every time. Can you overdose on happiness?


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7. Pringles

Another absolute classic that people don’t realise is vegan! Original, Salt and Vinegar, BBQ and Chilli Sambal flavours of Pringles are all vegan. Once you open them though, there’s no going back.

8. Peckish Veggie Crackers

Peckish has a huge (delicious) range of crackers, most of which are vegan. Although, they’ve got some new additions that are dangerously addictive! Garden Veg, Carrot and Kale crackers (I know they sound weird and gross but trust me) are so packed full of flavour they’re a great vegan snack!

9. Obela Dip

If you’re like me and find it criminal to eat crackers without dip, then a perfect snack addition to your Peckish Carrot Crackers is Obela Dip. They have 15 different flavours of hummus (yes, 15. It’s a dream come true) and 12 of them are vegan. My personal favourite is the Sweet Beetroot Hummus which is not only tasty, but a gorgeous pink colour, making your vegan snack time Instagram worthy!


Buy it here:

10. Moser Roth Dark Chocolate

Aldi has lots of unexpected vegan goodies! The Moser Roth Dark Chocolate comes in 6 different flavours and is super rich. It even comes in small individually wrapped bars, making them the perfect vegan snack to take to uni!

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*Many of these products are also Gluten Free.

Which one of these vegan supermarket foods is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!
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