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10 Images That Show The School Spirit Of UQ

10 Images That Show The School Spirit Of UQ

The University of Queensland is surrounded by signs and images that are made to represent the school spirit of UQ. Here are the top 10 images for a laugh!
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Ah, Orientation Week. With visitors from all over, there is no better time to show them the true spirit of a prestigious institute. With O Week around the corner, various eye catching signs pop up across campus, reflecting the energetic, fun-loving attitudes of students attending the University of Queensland. Keep reading for 10 signs that perfectly reflect the spirit of UQ. If you haven’t caught on, this is very sarcastic.

10 signs that perfectly reflect the spirit of University of Queensland

1. This historical and aesthetical pleasing welcome sign

First impressions are always important. Just look at how that natural and complex this welcome design is. It matches perfectly with one of the UQ century old Forgan Smith Building. You can’t find a better, more representative way to demonstrate students’ creativity to new visitors.


2. This colourful and trendy create change sign

Again, the original characters change our expectation towards UQ. It is a sign that lives up to its name.

3. This very special contact logo

As you can see, this is a unique magazine design. Look, they just can’t resist putting up an ad for UQ on the back of the school alumni magazine! Talking about creating change.

4. This bush turkey T-shirt design

Why? For the love of colour, why?


5. This classic science sign

The organic and authentic approach on Priestley Building surely marries the architecture to UQ campus surrounded by wildlife. Just, outstanding.

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6. This exciting “Redroom Downstairs” sign

The arrow design really highlights the passion and essence of Redroom.
Someone saves me from this black and white monochrome nightmare.

7. This special “Souper Bowl” sign

Wow. That white bowl and black spoon make me hungry for soup. I must say, “Souper Bowl” was pretty clever for a soup shop.


8. This unusual “On A Roll” bakery sign

When that is actually my mood every single day. No worries, these are happy tears rolling down my face.


9. This black and white filter featuring black and white welcome bags

Around 10,000 UQ welcome bags that were completely useless. Though your body will decompose in 1,000 years, your spirit lingers on for as long as there is chocolate in them.


10. This UQ alumni Instagram Image

So much though was put into making this profile picture. All of the colours and design! I have no idea how they pulled this together.


Do you know of any other signs that reflect the school spirit of the University of Queensland!? Share in the comments below!
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