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10 Uni Lessons Every Student Needs To Know

10 Uni Lessons Every Student Needs To Know

You learn a lot of uni lessons during your time at university. It is a time for growth and learning. These Uni lessons are something everyone should know.

Uni can be a fun experience, however, extremely stressful. If you stay on top of your work, maintain balance in all that you do and follow these tips and tricks to help you handle uni, you will succeed and come out smiling like that the absolute legend you are! Here are a list of 10 uni lessons I learned that every Student needs to know!

1- Be organised

This one is sort of self-explanatory, but basically make sure you have all of your stationary, books, backpack etc. packed and ready to go at the start of every day- there is nothing worse than rocking up to uni and realising you don’t have the thing you really need for your class! Being organised with everything you need will help you have a clear mind and will make it easier for you to succeed at uni overall. Also, get a diary to plan everything- trust me, these help.


2- Pack your lunch.

Uni food is so expensive- and yes, whilst it is easily accessible and super tasty, it costs so much money and it all adds up (I learnt this the hard way when I realised I had spent all my weekly money on food- oops)!! Save yourself some money by packing your own lunch!

3- Make time for social life.

Whilst uni is about learning, it is also time for finding out who you are, what direction you want to move in and making memories. It is important to balance yourself, go out once in a while, hit up the uni tavern and enjoy your uni experience as much as possible. There is no point in being miserable because you have assignments due- take time to relax once in a while and keep on top of your social life too!


4- Ask for help when you need it.

Although uni is very much independent learning, the tutors and lectures are there to help you! Meet up with them in person or just send them an email- either way, you’ll get the help you need.


5- Highlight, highlight, highlight.

Highlighting helps- trust me! It helps you point out what is important in a reading, AND it also makes it look like you know what you’re doing (even if you have no clue at all).

6- Don’t leave all of your work until the last minute.

As soon as you get given an assignment or a task, see what you can do to kick-start the completion of the task. Whether this be dot-pointing ideas or whatever it may be, any little bit of effort helps in the long run. Don’t leave everything until the last minute because you will stress out and it is not worth it!


7- Don’t buy brand new text books (unless you really have to).

Second hand books or books online at cheap stores are great! At the end of the day, the text book you buy is going to have the same information in it regardless of whether it cost you $40 or $140. It honestly isn’t worth buying brand new text books as they are so expensive, and lets face it, if you’re a uni student you are probably broke AF!


8- Be prepared for lots of work….all at once.

Yep, for some reason, all of the work comes flooding in at once and no one really understands why. Now that you know this, be prepared. Make sure you’re set up and well organised for crunch time because it is inevitable! This is one of those uni lessons you will carry over throughout life.


9- Uni is nothing like high-school.

You are accountable for your own learning, no one is making a call home to check why you haven’t shown up to a class and tutors and lectures are no where near as lenient as teachers in high school. You’ll have to stay on top of everything yourself, remember due dates and take your own notes- there are no hand outs in uni because it is adult learning preparing you for the real world!


10- Take notes and attend a lecture once in a while.

It is super important to take notes as you go, because when it comes to crunch time or exam time, you won’t have to scurry around looking for notes from 7 weeks ago because they will be right there in your lecture book! Also, attend a lecture once in a while, you don’t have to go all the time but sometimes its important to go as you learn better and are able to be fully engaged in what is going on. This is one of the most popular uni lessons you could learn.

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