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10 Unexpected Reasons To Go To Flinders University

10 Unexpected Reasons To Go To Flinders University

Here’s 10 unexpected reasons you probably HAVEN’T considered as to why Flinders University is the right fit for you! The Views Flinders University has got some seriously bad-ass views.

Choosing a university can be tricky- there’s a lot of factors to consider. Here’s 10 unexpected reasons you probably HAVEN’T considered as to why Flinders University is the right fit for you!

The Views

Flinders University has got some seriously bad-ass views. From the bar, from the library, from your lecture hall, from just about anywhere on campus. Being the only South Australian university on top of a hill means Instagram worthy sights all day long.


Not Having to Run into Everyone You’ve Ever Known

Everyone goes to Adelaide Uni because of its location, but this means after graduating high school, you’ll have to see everyone. All the time. All over again. The culture is very much focused on who went to what high school, who knew who, and a hierarchy of students from prestigious colleges versus everyone else. At Flinders, you’ll have a clean slate with new people, and nobody gives a damn what high school you attended!

Saving $$$

Since you’re outside the city, there’s no temptation to pop over to Rundle Mall and shop in between classes, see a movie, or eat at that restaurant you know who can’t afford. Not to mention, avoiding horrendous parking fees!

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Ok, hear me out. Anyone who goes to Flinders (unless they’re afraid of ducks…) will tell you this is a definite perk. We have this huge lake which naturally leads to an abundance of wildlife. Most importantly of which, is the ducks. And where there’s ducks, there’s ducklings. Very cute ones, that like humans. And yes, you can hang out with them. It’s all you’ll Instagram for years (plus the views of course)!


FUSA- Flinders University Student Association

FUSA are legends. They’ve got your back 24/7 with free breakfast, free BBQ’s, free groceries, giveaways, loans or just a shoulder to cry on.

Entertainment Central

Flinders University had fancy renovations in 2016. There’s now a huge amphitheatre on campus which features a giant television for viewing and videogaming during the semester. In 2018 though, the university is starting to use it as a venue for live bands. You can catch Angus and Julia Stone there in May! There’s also free Adelaide Fringe Festival acts during festival season so you can have some well-earned laughs between classes.

Laid Back Atmosphere

The number one comment from people who transfer from a city university to Flinders University, is how laid back it is. I’ve had friends who felt pressured to dress up everyday because the culture at their previous university (cough, Adelaide University, cough) was so pretentious and judgmental. At Flinders, track pants, hoodies and Ugg boots are more than acceptable. After all, how else are you supposed to nap comfortably?

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You’ll Unintentionally Get Fit

Not only is Flinders University ENORMOUS, it’s on a hill which means you’ll be climbing A LOT of stairs. Once you get past the first few weeks of trying to catch your breath (don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat) you’ll come to realise you’re suddenly way fitter than you were pre-uni life. The campuses are even separated by a big beautiful forest which means the dash from one to another isn’t so bad at all!



Flinders University is its own little town, and as lame as it sounds, that creates a nice community you get to be a part of. There’s less students than the city universities, so your class sizes and general population is smaller.

Did I Mention Views?

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Check out the Flinders University Instagram to see even more jaw-dropping photos of the campus!

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