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10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Bond University

10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Bond University

10 Types Of People You'll Meet At Bond University

Every university has different types of people and the below are the 10 types of people you’ll meet at Bond University. Hope you enjoy reading the list and find some new titles from this list to call your friends!

1. The Grocery Tripper

Some of us enjoy going to the grocery store the most. The fresh produce, the local rates, the discounts, the variety! All of it, is a trip. A trip to the grocery store. Woolworths has cheaper dairy products and Coles has cheaper vegetables. They know it all!

2. “Everything I love, is cooked differently”

These people obsess over how everything is cooked differently, mozzarella cheese especially. It is cooked at a different temperature depending on how it is cut. Vegetables are cooked differently. There are hybrids of vegetables. Broccolini is a hybrid of Zucchini and Broccoli which is completely edible. All of it is exciting and new!

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3. The Divergents

These are the people who are creative and have chosen creative ways to express their brain. They always think differently and you will see them with the same people all the times. They do not change their group of friends frequently and have very few people in their circle. They’re multi-talented and surprise people with the tool of “Perspectives”. They love to talk and if you attempt to keep them silent, they get lost in the maze of their minds.

4. “You got HD?”

These are the people who are always aiming for the prized HD. They socialize best when they have heard of someone getting an HD in some subject or other. They’re always trying to find a way to lay hands on an HD assignment or on tips on how to make an assignment worth an HD. They, eventually, most of the time, socialize with HD students.

5. The MOMS of the group

Every group has a “mom”, this is not gender specific. A guy could be “mom” like as well. They take care of their friends, make sure they eat or at least enquire about whether they have eaten or not. They’re always there as a sounding board or as the best advisors. They do not socialize to make friends, they socialize so that they can find more people to take care of and be there for. They give the warmest hugs and they will always be caring.


6. The ones who keep changing their “location” of study

These are the people who love changing their location of studying or working on an assignment on campus. They have tried every place possible and have found out where they can work on campus depending on the nature of work. They have tried the Law Library, the MLC (Multimedia Learning Centre), the Batlabs, the Library and so many more.

7. The “On my Way” ones

They are always late. Like Always. You can never expect them to be on time and if you want them on time then you need to tell them the wrong time. If you want them somewhere at 7:30? Tell them 6:30. They will be there…. By 7:30! Haha. They are frustrating. But they are always the best people at a party.


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8. The “Dancers”

They can dance to ANY and EVERY tune. Every time they hear a beat, it is a dance step. They can dance anywhere and at any time. They can be having a very serious conversation but if someone plays music somewhere and they can hear it? They’ll start dancing – subtly at first and intensely if the music gets louder.

9. The Snapchatter!

Every conversation is a snap! For this type of people at Bond, every conversation they have turns into a Snapchat or Snapstory. They love Vlogs, they love the camera and the paparazzi is their best friend. They’re the ones who will have pictures of every party they attend, even the ones they do not attend. They feel better when Snapchat is accessible at all times. They’ll pause sentences until they can open Snapchat to capture the moment! They do not know how to be a human without internet. They’ll date through Tinder and not through face to face conversations. They are better conversationalists with a screen separating them.

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10. The “We make things better after talking to people” ones

These are the best kind of people. They make things better for themselves and others after talking to them, they do not need to be ready for a “talk”-they do the talk. They’ll know what to say and how to say the right things at the right time. They know how to take care of situations with the use of their mind. They’re stable and do not lose their tempers very easily. Everyone needs one of them in their lives.

Hope you all can relate to or know of these 10 types of people you’ll meet at Bond University. There is a place for everyone here. We have no race or gender biases. We have our arms wide open for everyone.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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