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10 Types Of Guys In Adelaide You’ll Meet

10 Types Of Guys In Adelaide You’ll Meet

These are the types of guys in Adelaide you will meet. These Adelaide guys are the only ones who seem to pop up. Find out which type of guy you will date.

As I’ve been living in Adelaide for eleven years, its pretty obvious the type of guys you’ll meet. I can tell you I have met every single type of guy on this list, however some of them are my closest friends. In every country there is always the classic guys you’ll meet. Whether it be the hipsters, the hardcore metal fans or the photographer sweetheart, granted you’ll meet them. However, below are the 10 types of guys in Adelaide you’ll meet.

1. The gym junkie

Classic. A guy who absolutely loves and breathes the gym. He knows exactly how many calories are in a butter chicken Indian meal, and how many squats you would have to do to burn it off. This guy will motivate you to go to the gym and whenever he’s around you feel like you have to be in gym gear. These are one of the types of guys in Adelaide.

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2. The coffee shop kinda guy

I don’t know about you, but I have many friends that always want to ‘catch up for coffee’. Nothing else but going out for coffee. Whenever you walk past a coffee shop, you think of him and how much he would enjoy sitting there. More often than not, you will see him sitting in a cafe, on his laptop and he’s always posting photos of his half sipped coffee and cake.

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3. The designer everything

This guy owns everything designer, he believes himself to be living in New York, filled with high end people. This means instead of buying jeans from Big W, he buys them from Armani, or a white t-shirt at Ted Baker. Never owning anything under $20. However when you meet a guy like this, he always knows whats best for you. Never letting you do anything beneath you, and knows your absolute worth. Hey, who knows, he may even gift you something designer for Christmas!


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4. The model who thinks big

In Adelaide we have a lot of different modelling agencies, which means you are highly likely to bump into someone who’s modelling. When walking along next to him, he’ll do a strut without knowing it, or he’ll stop to look into his reflection to check his hair. This guy probably lives right in the middle of the city or around the outskirts. He will always meet you ‘after a show’ or he’ll be out doing a photo-shoot. The best thing about this guy, it that he’ll always value your opinion. He will always ask if this photo looks better, or if this outfit works. He was always count on you to provide your best advice.

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5. The music junkie

The music junkie is the guy that’s always busking at Rundle Mall or outside a shopping centre. He will always be posting covers on YouTube and Facebook and always had headphones on hand. This guy will be constantly searching for new music and owns Spotify Premium. The best thing about this guy is that he will always come to you first about his music and trust your opinion 100% if he does. The music junkie is always on the list of types of guys in Adelaide you’ll meet at some point.

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6. The photographer of everything

This classic guy you’ll meet in Adelaide is the photographer. This guy will have the best looking Instagram you can find. He will only post photos that are in the highest quality and fit his ‘theme’. His pride and joy is his Instagram. He will constantly try take ‘candid’ photos of you and always carries his camera with him for spur of the moment picture. This is the perfect guy, because you will always have amazing photos of yourself to post and he will hype you up, 24/7. He will always find the beauty in everything, and wont be afraid to tell you what he thinks.


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7. The brand guy

This guy you are sure to meet in Adelaide, is constantly shopping. He wears all the top brands like, Universal store, Billabong and the classic surf shop brands. He is always wearing a cap with DC on it or something brand like. This guy will probably shop more than you! However, when meeting this guys you will always have a shopping buddy, and he will always give you feedback on your outfit.

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8.That yeezy, Kanye look

Now this classic guy in Adelaide, will most likely be found in Rundle Mall. He loves looking like Kanye and obsessed with the Kardashian and Scott Disick. He bought tickets for the next Kanye show and listens to him 24/7. He loves wearing hoodies and bagging pants with a cap. The best thing about this guy is he is always honest, open and tell you what he’s thinking.


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9. The classic tattoo guy

This guy you are guaranteed to meet in Adelaide. The guy with the classic tattooed sleeve of a bear or forest, something that you see on Pinterest. This guy will always want another tattoo and will always ask you if you’ll get one too. This guy is sweet because he will always have your back, and will be there for you, through everything.

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10. The sweetheart Metal-hard Core fan

The sweetheart metal-hard core fan is another must meet in Adelaide. This guy is always listening to music, whether it be in his car or headphones. This guy is great because he will always find new music for your to listen to even if it is the metal type. This guy will usually have a beard or moustache.

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That concludes the 10 types of guys in Adelaide! So which classic Adelaide boy are you?

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