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The 10 Struggles All Rural Students Face Traveling To University

The 10 Struggles All Rural Students Face Traveling To University

If you don't have the opportunity to live at University, then you can relate to these 10 struggles all rural students face traveling to Uni!

Some people get the chance to live at University. But if you are one of those people who has to travel to and from University, then you can definitely agree that it is such a pain. These are the 10 struggles all rural students face traveling to University!

1. What bus service?

You know that lovely public transportation that city slickers can fall back on? That service finishes way before any rural student can think about catching it.

2. Car-pooling is almost impossible.

When you’re a rural student, not as many people actually head to the city to study past Year 12. Those who do can’t rely on carpooling. Why? Because Adelaide has three separate universities, all with multiple campuses – so there’s that. You also have to take into account all the different degrees and all the different class times.


3. You lose time traveling.

This one goes out to all the students who have to drive to uni by yourself. Driving = not studying, not working, and not reading. All the time it takes you to get to class makes you lose out on time to do other things. Driving is a pain.

4. Petrol is costly.

Petrol prices constantly fluctuate and seem to always be expensive. To afford petrol you need money which usually comes from having a job. Good-bye to any free time you had outside of class and commuting.

5. A job? LOL.

Working is almost a nightmare. It’s a nice getaway from studying, and sometimes it gets your mind off of stressing, but usually it’s just a pain.

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6. Wanna catch up?

That spur of the moment catch-up your uni mates have invited you to will be over before you even get halfway there. But when you’re close by, everyone is busy. Cancelled plans are always fun, especially when you drive through a valley and a mountain range before they cancel.

7. Social outings are harder.

Pub crawls are something you can never do. It’s an expensive catch-up, because you can’t drink and drive, and hotels cost money. It costs one thing for your friends, and then it costs so much more for you.


8. You live where?

I have to say about three town names before someone nods and has some kind of idea where I live.“That’s so far,” and “Why don’t you just move?” and “How long does that take?” are all common phrases I hear.


9. Spare time?

You honestly run out of time for everything. Uni comes first because it’s so expensive. Work comes second because you need the money. Then comes everything else. But you usually choose to sleep because you’re exhausted from work and Uni. Oh, life.

10. You wouldn’t change a damn thing (as long as you have a spare change of clothes in your car).

You feel like you’re living like Hannah Montana because you have the best of both worlds. You have this double life and double the friends when it comes to the end of the semester.

Do you have any other struggles that rural students who travel to University deal with!? Share in the comments below!

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