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10 Travel Tips For Uni Students

10 Travel Tips For Uni Students

These travel tips for Uni students are beneficial. Find out the best traveling tips for students. These useful traveling tips won't be a waste.

Traveling is always a fun experience, you get to meet people, see more of the world, eat good food and experience different cultures….but it can also be a strain on you and your bank account. With these tips you can keep yourself and your bank account in check! Here are 10 travel tips for Uni students.

1. Make use of deals!

Websites such as skyscanner should be your best friend. You can find the cheapest flights and the best deals on there. Or pop into any local flight center  and a team will let you know what your best options are. This is one of the most popular  travel tips for Uni students!


2. Pack light, but cute!

You don’t want to be hauling things around, it’s going to be a strain on you when traveling and you’ll need space in your suitcase in case you just happen to stop by a mall and get a new wardrobe! Dresses are great and doesn’t take up much space but if you aren’t a dress girl, then jeans and shirts are the next best thing. Jeans can last several days without washing and shirts are comfortable and trust me, you will want to be comfortable.




3.  Off Peak Season is the way to go

Usually tickets become more expensive during holidays so do research on what dates work the best for you. It is usually more expensive during the Summer time than it is during Winter, but Christmas time is definitely a no-go! This is one of those  travel tips for Uni students that should really be utilized. The off season is amazing.find yourself

4. Student Discounts!

One of the best things about being a student is the student discounts and yes, there is a chance you can get student discounts while abroad too. You can get the ISIC card, which can be used in over 130 countries!



5. Backpackers & Homestays

Staying at a hotel is going to be expensive no matter where you go but there are loads of backpacker places that can do as little as $20 a night for a bed, but be warned, you may need to share a room with someone else. It may get a little rocky but hey, isn’t that what traveling is about? However, if that is absolutely not your cup of tea, then you can find cheap motels (local guidebooks usually have all the details listed) or use accommodation websites, such as HomeAway


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6. Plan Ahead

Traveling requires a lot of planning and if you’re a last minute person like me…well it won’t really work out well. Always start planning 6 months ahead because you never know what obstacles you may face or what deals you may miss out on if you do things last minute! This is one of the  travel tips for Uni students we tend to have the most difficult time with; plan!


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7. Free things!

Look up free or inexpensive things to do at the destination you are in to make the most out of your trip. Museums and art galleries are usually have free entry ad you will be immersed in culture and art.

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8. Public Transport

Utilise the public transport system. Trains and buses will take you further for way cheaper than cabs and you won’t get ripped off!




9. Don’t Eat Out Always

Eating out constantly is going to strain your bank account. Go to the local grocery store and find food that is easy to make, sandwiches are always a good bet and easy to carry around with you. Try small stalls, they usually have cheaper options. Street food is always a good idea and always carry around a refillable water bottle.

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10. Have Fun!

Traveling can be stressful especially when having to make plans or your plans falling through and you have to come up with something else. It’s hard work but in the end it’s definitely worth it. You’re in a different country and you’re experiencing the world so don’t forget to just sit back…and live!


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