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Top 5 Hotels To Stay In Adelaide

Top 5 Hotels To Stay In Adelaide

These are the hotels to stay in Adelaide if you are planning a trip. These are the best Adelaide hotels to stay at for college students. Check it out

Planning a trip to Adelaide? Or just want a night in a magnificent hotel to relax and unwind? No problems, I got you covered. Below are some of the top hotels to stay in Adelaide.

1. Stamford Plaza

The best feature of the Stamford Plaza is the rooftop pool and spa. This amazing feature provides rooftop views of Adelaide, creating a picturesque view. A valet is available, with very friendly staff. With the short walk to the train station and a restaurant right next door, this Adelaide hotel is perfect for a quiet weekend away, or a romantic one, with Jamie Olivers restaurant a 2 minute walk away. This is definitely a hotel to stay when in Adelaide.

2. Mayfair

The Mayfair Hotel is the pinnacle of hotels in Adelaide. This hotel provides a great rooftop bar, amazing rooms, and is located just across from Rundle Mall making it an easy access for shops and restaurants. There is high tea as well available. It is a very high class feel, with a mixture of food and bubbly. The staff are very attentive and will go out of their way for you.


3. Playford

The Playford is a glamorous hotel based in the middle of Adelaide City. With close proximity of public transport, shops and many restaurants or night clubs, it is the perfect hotel for people who want to explore the city more, or who want a quick walk to restaurants. There is a large pool and spa and the rooms are very spacious and have a comfortable feel. This hotel should be on the list to stay when in Adelaide.

4. Adelaide Inn

The Adelaide Inn provides a quiet bar and lounge area, large selection of wines and very friendly staff. If you are looking for something on the cheaper side, but still have that luxury quality, the Adelaide Inn is your go to. There is a very amazing pool and spa, giving the hotel that luxury feel. This hotel is perfect for a romantic weekend away, so this is definitely a hotel to stay in Adelaide. This is one of the most popular hotels to stay in Adelaide.


5. InterContinental Adelaide

The InterContinental Adelaide is perfect for those on a business trip in Adelaide or a weekend away. This hotel provides FREE wifi, airport transfers, pool, restaurant and a full breakfast buffet. With the placement of this hotel next to the casino and close proximity of bars and restaurants. If you are looking forward to a game at Adelaide Oval, this hotel is only a 5 minute walk over the picturesque bridge.

So thats the five very top hotels to stay in when in Adelaide. I would love to know what your top hotel recommendation is, and if you have any reviews on any hotels that I recommended. Leave a comment below! That’s all from me, I’m off to book a hotel!

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