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Top Breakfast Spots For Acai And Smoothie Bowls In Melbourne

Top Breakfast Spots For Acai And Smoothie Bowls In Melbourne

Here are some fabulous breakfast spots in Melbourne for the best acai and smoothie bowls! You'll be a regular in no time.

Smoothie bowls and acai bowls have taken over our breakfast menus and who’s complaining? Not me, that’s for sure! No matter what season, acai and smoothie bowls are one my absolute favourite breakfast meals! If you’re like me, you’re going to be scouting menus for a good old smoothie bowl. Or, you’ll make the venture to those awesome health cafes that specialise in smoothie and acai bowls! So, for your convenience (and a cheeky reason why Melbourne is the best-city-ever), here is a list of the best breakfast spots in Melbourne, that absolutely have acai and smoothie bowls on the menu! Your next breakfast date just got even better!

Lane Way Greens

Laneway Greens has a few stores dotted around Melbourne, each one as good as the last! Serving and specialising in seasonal, fresh and healthy food, Laneway Greens (open till late I might add) has a splendid selection of smoothie ‘pots!’ In the need for a detox, something sweet, going for classic or feeling adventurous, Laneways greens offers a lot for breakfast! Acai and summer fruits, super-greens mix and summer fruits, acai and coconut yoghurt? You can always top your bowls with delicious options such as granola, peanut butter or a raw vegan mix! Melbourne is lucky to have this amazing and healthy franchise – open for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!



You’ll feel much happier after a visit to Serotonin. Literally, that’s their aim. With inviting staff, yummy and healthy options on the menu and located in the lovely Melbourne suburb of Burnley, Serotonin also has one of my all-time acai bowls, called ‘the Galaxy.’ It’s sugar and dairy free and served with the best toppings you could ask for, including a coconut magnum ice-cream!!! If that doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will!


Bentwood is a fresh new cafe in trendy Fitzroy. Having only been opened for less than a year, the cafe deserves a cheer (yes, I can rhythm.) Checkmate, these guys made a smart move putting a smoothie bowl on their breakfast menu! From the get-go, countless customers have flooded this divine cafe! It’s smoothie bowl being just one of the reasons!


Fourth Chapter

You couldn’t call yourself a Melbournian who loves going out for breakfast and not have ordered Fourth Chapters acai bowl at least once. It’s certainly an effort on their part. Located on high street in Prahran, there are so many breakfast eateries to choose from. But it’s seriously hard to go past these acai bowls. Always fresh and irresistibly photogenic! Made with coconut water, granola, berries and peanut butter. It’s good, it’s golden it’s a go for breakfast!


Green Cup

Another sensational business to pop up in Melbourne. Small yes, packed with our favourites YES! A trip to the Green Cup for breakfast is hard to resist! They absolutely nail their bowls every time and their selection is amazing! Just some of the names of their ‘super smoothie bowls are’ Golden Bliss, Chocolate Shake and the Breakfast Super Food Shake. I mean, its all in the name. I’ll leave it with you to imagine how good these are just by the sound of their names. You’ll have to try them to believe!

Cocomamas Juices and Smoothies

Melbourne, we are totally too spoilt. The great breakfast places for smoothie and acai bowls aren’t just clumped in the middle of Melbourne, they’re scattered everywhere. No smoothie bowl lover misses out, ever. This is why Cocomama deserves a huge shoutout. They’ve nailed it. With a huge selection, their acid and smoothie bowls are so devious and so aesthetically pleasing!


So, these are just a tiny handful of the smoothie and acai bowl breakfast spots in Melbourne. Comment below your favourite smoothie bowl and acai bowl combo. OR, your favourite breakfast spot to visit!

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