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10 Tips To Saving Money On A Uni Budget

10 Tips To Saving Money On A Uni Budget

These tips to saving money on a uni budget are so usefully. Find out how to save money in university. These money saving tips will help you out big time.

Chances are if you’re studying at uni full-time you’re not likely to have full-time work hours too. It can be hard to save money whilst studying, especially if you live out of home. However, here are 10 Tips to Saving Money on a Uni Budget that will genuinely help you out if you stick to them!

1- Make your own lunch.

Eating food out can be so expensive and honestly, its not even worth it. Take leftovers to eat, make a tasty sandwich or just pull together a creation from the pantry. If you can avoid buying lunch out it will save you some pennies and will more than likely be a healthier option for you too. This is an easy one of those tips to saving money on a uni budget.

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2- Set aside a certain amount of pay each week to save.

Even if it’s just $30 put in your savings for that week, that’s $30 more than you would have had. Save the money you would have spent on lunch out and put it in a money jar or a separate bank account.

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3- Take money out for the week.

Set aside money for petrol/bus fare etc. and then take an additional bit of cold hard cash out of the bank and use that as spending money. By using cash, you can clearly see what you are spending and you are less likely to spend any more than the amount that you have set yourself. Trust me, this one really does work!

4- Shop at Op Shops.

If you need a new outfit or your old clothes are getting too old and uncool, head down to your local Op Shop and pick up a bargain from there rather than splurging money in a retail store. Added bonus; the things you find are not going to be like anything any of your friends have so YAY for uniqueness too!

5- Take a Keep-Cup.

Not only does this save the environment, it will also get you discount. Most cafe’s, especially in and around uni, will give you discount if you bring your own cup. I am not going to suggest giving up the morning coffee because I understand how important it can be, but bring your own cup and limit how many coffees you have in a week and you’ll save heaps.

6- Hip Flask It.

If you’re going out for a night of drinking, it is so much cheaper to take a hip flask filled with a spirit of your choice. Just make sure you hide it…most places are not a fan of the hip flask.

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7- Set Up a Weekly Budget.

Create an appealing looking budget plan on an excel or word document etc. If you have in front of you what your weekly spending looks like, you are more likely to stick to it.
Eg: Food Shopping- $50
Bus Fare- $10

8- Catch Public Transport When You Can.

A bus or a train is a lot less expensive then filling up your car with petrol for the week. Although it may take you a little longer to get from A to B, your bank will thank you for it.

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9- Buy Home-Brand Staple Ingredients.

You don’t have to buy organic and fancy food, especially on a uni budget. You are not likely to taste the difference between Coles-Brand Pasta and a name brand Pasta when it is cooked with sauce on it, so save the money and buy the cheaper alternative when it comes to staple ingredients like bread, pasta and rice.

10- Skip a Night Out for a Night In.

You don’t always have to go out, save your money and have a night in with your friends, playing board games, watching movies and chatting. Sometimes nights like these can be more fun and more rewarding than a night out anyways and the added bonus is that you will save so much money!

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Hopefully these tips to saving money on a uni budget help you and your spending. There is nothing worse than savaging for money.

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Let us know what you think about these tips to saving money on a uni budget in the comments below!
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