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10 Tips For Your First Tattoo

10 Tips For Your First Tattoo

Tips for your first tattoo are here . If you are thinking about getting your first tattoo these are the things you should consider. These tattoo tips help.

Getting your first tattoo is a big step in life, especially if that tattoo has a special meaning. Where to put it, how much will it hurt, all these thoughts run through your mind. Never fear as I am here, to get you my very best top tips to surviving your first tattoo. Here are the best tips for your first tattoo.

1. Pick An Artist You Know Or Trust

I was heading to a very well known and trusted tattoo artists that have tattooed my friends in the past. So always go to a tattoo artist, that you trust and have done research on. Every artist has different styles of tattooing so look around and pick the artist that matches the style of tattoo you want. This way it makes it easier for the artist to tattoo and also gives you that peace of mind.

2. Keep Hydrated

Before getting your tattoo, make sure you have eaten something and take a bottle of water with you. I recommend stopping and getting a frozen coke or something sugary, just incase you panic and feel light headed, that sugar will kick in and save you. Even take some snacks with you, just to keep you calm and occupied. If you are going with friends, always go first if you are nervous because seeing reaction off your friends might put you off.


3. Cost

Depending on where you go and how big your tattoo is going to be determines the cost of the tattoo. Most shops have a minimum of $100 regardless of the size. For my first tattoo I only wanted a very small ‘P’ on my arm, however that was going to cost me $100 for that. So instead I got 3 tattoos! That cost me the same, just $100. If you are going for a rather big piece you are looking at $500, plus if you want colour, that again is a bit more.

4. Where To Put It

I cant give you much advice for placement, it depends what you are getting and if you want people to see. However my top tip for placement is, if you don’t want a lot of people to see it, ribs and ankles are usually covered up, so thats a good spot to put it. However be mindful those spots are very sensitive to pain. Another good spot is your arms, or inner elbow. Mine are rather small and all 3 are on my arms, and not many people see it.

5. Pain

I was very worried getting my first tattoo, about the pain. I had heard horror stories and it was scaring me. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t really hurt that much. Don’t get me wrong some parts were pretty sore, however the easy way I can explain it is this, it feels like a cat scratching you, and on the sensitive parts, feels very hot and like fire, but still not unbearable. This is the most common advice found on all tips for your first tattoo lists.



So those are my top tips for getting your first tattoo. Don’t panic about the pain or worry. If you have done your research, are confident in the tattoo you want, and follow my tips, everything will go smoothly. Just enjoy the experience!

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