10 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re Not A Morning Person

Each and every morning we have to get up and face the world. If you’re not a morning person like myself, here’s 10 relatable things you’ll understand!

As everyday rolls into the next, it means another morning that we have to get up and face the world. Although, not all of us like getting up in the morning. If you’re not a morning person like myself, here’s 10 relatable things you’ll understand!

1. Your alarm clock is your best friend

Who else has been personally victimized by the sun coming through the cracks in your window to signalize its morning? Yeah, me too. It’s also a matter of time before your alarm goes off, but thankfully your little weapon and best friend, the snooze button, is there to give you some few more minutes of sleep.


2. You’re willing to skip breakfast in order to get more sleep

Everyone knows the old saying: ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. However, we have also been told that sleep is pretty important for you too. Not to mention you can eat on your morning break, but it’s not really appropriate to nap (sad story, I know). So, it kind of speaks for itself why us early morning haters tend to skip breakfast.

3. You count down the hours before you can go back to sleep

I have been guilty of this almost every day. There’s nothing better than visualizing yourself returning to your bed, couch, table whatever is comfortable and going back to a sweet slumber.


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4. Energy drinks and coffee are your daily saviors

Thankfully for us who hate waking up in the morning, society (and nature) has created some pretty cool gadgets to help us stay awake during the day, coffee and energy drinks.


5. Your mornings are always rushed

You know the drill of rushed mornings – shirt inside out, putting on mascara whilst you’ve got a tooth brush in your mouth, odd socks, you pretty much become a master of multi-tasking, all whilst trying to put your shoes on as you awkwardly hop towards you car.


 6. You’re almost always late

One of the consequences that comes with not wanting to get up and face the day is that you’re almost always late, whether it’s to a university class, work or meeting up with friends that you said you’d meet at 12pm and its 11:50am and you haven’t even left your bed, oops.

7. You’ll never understand morning people

I always see people who go for hikes, walks with their dogs, out for an early breakfast or that just choose to get up early everyday and I just think, ‘who are these people?’, ‘do they not sleep?’, ‘are they vampires?’. Who knows, cause I don’t (if someone has the answer please inform me).



8. You take extreme advantage of your days when you get to sleep in

Days off of work or university are one of the most glorious things ever, even more so if you hate early mornings – because you get to sleep in all day, literally.

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9. You cringe every time you see an event that’s before 12pm

There’s no bigger let down for morning haters than viewing an event and thinking ‘this is going to be the greatest thing ever, I’m so going’, only to see its scheduled at 8am, no thanks.

10. And despite all of this, you still insist on staying up late

Even when you know you have to get up early in the morning, you still insist on one more episode.


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