15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Shadowhunter


The world of the Mortal Instruments is filled with Demons, Downworlders and Nephilim – all terms that fans of the series will be familiar with. The series, written by best-selling author Cassandra Clare, debuted in 2007 with the first novel ‘City of Bones’. Since then, Cassandra’s imagination has spawned 5 sequels, a live-action movie, and a television series. When writing the series, not only did Cassandra create this dramatic and action-packed story, she created a whole new realm – one with many new and exciting features; all of which only fans of the series will know and understand. Think you’re a fan of the series? Well then here are 15 things you’ll only understand if you’re a Shadowhunter!

1. Being familiar with the term ‘Mundane.’

Any fan of the series will have this word embedded into their vocabulary. The best part? Non-Shadowhunters never know you’re insulting them.


2. Knowing all three of the Mortal Instruments.

The series is not named the mortal instruments for nothing! Shadowhunters and downworlders alike have been battling for the instruments throughout history. A true Shadowhunter will know what the three mortal instruments are, how they are used and in what order they appear in the books.

3. Recognizing these symbols.

To anyone else, these just look like a bunch of squiggly patterns, but a true Shadowhunter will know that these are actually runes. Better yet, if you’re a die-hard fan you’ll know what each rune represents or even be able to replicate them yourself.


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4. The hype around ‘#Malec.’

Malec. It’s only the best ship in the series, let alone the whole world. Any fan, big or small, knows and understands the hype around this perfect couple, and probably even engages in the hype themselves! #MalecForLife


5. The significance of a ‘Parabatai.’

Being parabatai is one of the most sacred and special relationship anyone can have. Only those with the strongest of bonds have the ability to become parabatai. If you’re a fan of the series like me, you’ll know this too and wish you had your own parabatai to battle demons with.

6. Searching the streets for demons.

No matter what anyone says, demons are completely and totally real; any true Shadowhunter knows this. Not only that, but they could appear anywhere and anytime. That’s why we must always be ready for a demon attack. You may look completely foolish looking around every twist and turn for demons, but at least you’ll have the approval of Jace Herondale.

7. Knowing the essential warlock party dress code.

Any Shadowhunter knows that you can’t rock up to a downworlders party wearing just anything, especially not parties hosted by the High Warlock of Brooklyn himself, Magnus Bane. Fans of the series will know that the essentials for a downworlder party involves heavy eyeliner, glam nail polish and tons of glitter.

8. The creepiness that is the Silent Brothers.

Between the stitched facial features, the bald heads, the dark robes, and the whole not talking thing, any shadowhunter can agree that the Silent Brothers are completely and utterly terrifying. Just take one look at them! Need I say more? Fans of the series will understand what I’m talking about when I say that they are creep AF.

9. Valentine is not just a romantic holiday.

If you’re a Shadowhunter, you’ll know that Valentine no longer is associated with a romantic holiday. Instead, whenever you hear the word Valentine, you are forever reminded of the one and only Valentine Morgenstern. For this reason, there’s no more romance in Valentine’s day (sorry future boyfriends and girlfriends).

10. The Clary/Simon/Jace love triangle.

Whether you ship Clace, Climon or even Jimon, fans of the series will be familiar with the threesome’s love triangle. This trio is at the centre of romance for the series and the anticipation to see which ships wins out is high among readers. Only fans of the series will know the struggle of waiting 3 books to find out the answer.

11. Faeries cannot be trusted.

Faeries (also known as fair folk or fae) may seem all sweet and innocent, but any Shadowhunter will know that faeries are cunning tricksters and cannot be trusted. Fans of the series know that you never to travel to the fair folk unless you’re looking for trouble – just remember what happened in ‘City of Heavenly Fire’.

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12. That awful period when all your ships were sinking.

Every Shadowhunter remembers that devastating period between ‘City of Glass’ and ‘City of Fallen Angels’ when every ship in the series was heading into non-existence. First we lost Malec, Clace and Climon, then in the following book we lost Sizzy, Mimon, and Clace once again! Thank god Malec reunited near the end of ‘City of Glass’ or else I don’t think we would have survived.

13. Naming all your cats ‘Chairman Meow.’

Your friends and family may question why you keep naming your cats ‘Chairman Meow’, but if you’re a Shadowhunter, you’ll know what this name means and where it came from. Ignore the haters, and enjoy your play dates with Church and Magnus.

14. The love-hate relationship with vampires.

Shadowhunters have always had a difficult relationship with vampires and this is evident throughout the whole series. We could easily say that the vampires are the worst of the downworlders, with Camille and Maureen in the lead, however with Raphael and Simon in account, we must conclude change this relationship to ‘it’s complicated’.

15. Getting teary-eyed whenever you hear the name ‘Max.’

If you said that you didn’t even get a little misty eyed while reading ‘City of Glass’ then you are either a terrible liar or have a stone-cold heart. And as if it wasn’t bad enough that you cried like a baby reading that chapter, worst yet is you can’t even hear the name Max anymore without getting a little choked up. That little angel deserved better.

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If you want to become a Shadowhunter too, you can read the books via ibooks, amazon or your local library. However, if you don’t fancy reading, you can watch ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ film, which is currently available from any licensed DVD store. Alternatively, season one of the spin-off series ‘Shadowhunters’ is also available to watch on Netflix now. Season two of the TV series will be available as of January 2, 2017.

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