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10 Things You’ll Never Forget Growing Up In Montmorency

10 Things You’ll Never Forget Growing Up In Montmorency


Some things are impossible to forget after growing up in a small suburb like Montmorency. Located in the outskirts of Melbourne, here are the top 10 things you’ll always remember after living in this friendly neighbourhood!

1. The Nature

If you’re from Montmorency, you’ll remember waking up to the rowdy laughter of Kookaburras before school. You’ll remember watching how the waxy leaves of gumtrees glittered in the summer sun, and how frightened skinks raced through dry grasses. You’d have probably kicked gum blossoms away with the toe of your new Volley sneakers. Australian wildlife is definitely not something to be missed in Montmorency, nor to be forgotten!

10 Things You’ll Never Forget Growing Up In Montmorency

2. The Friendly Neighbours

Growing up in Montmorency means you’re almost constantly surrounded by bubbly and energetic people. You were probably invited over to dinner by your next-door neighbours because the community is so tight-knit! Monty is definitely a small suburb with a big heart.

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3. Were Street

Were Street is Montmorency’s central shopping strip. It offers hairdressers, restaurants and convenience stores to locals. If you grew up here, you’ll remember Were Street as a colourful and lively place. If you’ve lived here long enough, you might even remember the old video shop which was perched at the very top of this street!

4. The Farmer’s Markets

If you spent your childhood in Montmorency, there’s a good chance your school hosted a farmer’s market on the weekends. On quiet Sundays, locals set up tents to sell cupcake-shaped soaps, gluten-free bakes and old goods looking for new homes. This was a great way to get out of the house early in the morning and interact with other members of the community!

10 Things You’ll Never Forget Growing Up In Montmorency

5. The Random Filming For TV

How many people growing up in other Australian suburbs can say that a television show was filmed at their school? If you grew up in Montmorency in 2013, you’ll remember the ABC filming Nowhere Boys. You might have even tried to sneak into a scene as an extra!

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6. The Metro

Montmorency is located almost at the very end of the Hurstbridge line. If you grew up using public transport, you’ll remember walking home with your friends in the summer heat, desperate to catch that first train home! Because the community is so tight-knit, you were sure to bump into dozens of friends during the commute.

10 Things You’ll Never Forget Growing Up In Montmorency

7. The After-School Haunts

After three o’clock, dozens of teens poured out of their studious colonies like ants trying to fill their growling stomachs! If you lived in Montmorency, outlets like Global Pizza, Wings n’ Things charcoal chicken and the local fish n’ chip shop had your back. If there’s anything to remember Monty by, it’s definitely its delicious and cheap food!

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8. The Cute Cafés

Adopting aesthetically pleasing white walls, minimalistic furniture and the occasional plant to brighten up the place, Montmorency has several beautiful cafés to offer to locals. If you grew up here, you’ll remember begging your parents for a milkshake. Your parents might even remember how good these little stores can fix a cuppa!

10 Things You’ll Never Forget Growing Up In Montmorency

9. The Inclusion

Schools in Montmorency strive to be inclusive and accepting! If you attended Montmorency Primary School, you’ll remember making great friends with children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Teachers would organise fun days out at the YMCA, or at schools designed to teach us how to ride bicycles. Recent graduates of Montmorency Secondary College will remember the inclusive LGBTQ+ club, which has been recognised by locals and supported in Monty’s ‘Queer Street’ festival.

10. The Fact That Nobody Knows Where You Grew Up

So, you’ve made it to uni or gotten a nice job, and you’re trying to make some new friends. Then the question, ‘where are you from?’ pops up. If you’ve grown up in Montmorency, you’ll learn to expect your fellow students or colleagues to shake their heads in confusion when you tell them, because most people have never heard of it!

Have you grown up in Montmorency or a small town just like it? Tell us what you remember about it in the comments!

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