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20 Things You Only Understand If You Were Born To Travel

20 Things You Only Understand If You Were Born To Travel

Traveling is a way of life - some people hate it, others live for it. Here are 20 things you only understand if you were born to travel. #Wanderluster

Traveling is a way of life – some people hate it, others live for it. Here are 20 things you only understand if you were born to travel. #Wanderluster

1. You’re willing to try anything at least once.

Whether it’s daring to taste an unusual culinary delight, indulging in an out of your comfort zone pursuit, or something totally random and unplanned. You have an open mind and heart and a desire for new experiences.


2. Your dream career path has always been one that allows you to get out, get involved and get informed about the world!

Being a writer for a travel blog, going on hikes with National Geographic, or working as an anthropologist are all things you would seriously LOVE to do. Talk about worldwide!

3. You have an undying fascination with all things different.

Other cultures and landscapes that are greatly different than your own capture your being and demand to be explored! You can easily still get totally lost reading travel blogs or even reminiscing in your own travel memoirs. Travel is part of your soul.

4. Others despise airports, the waiting around, the endless lines through customs and border security but you, you relish in it.

You get a buzz of excitement and adrenaline, the airport equates to a new adventure and a new horizon to be discovered, it’s like an addictive drug and easily one of your favourite parts of travelling.


5.  You can always make new make friends wherever you go.

Whether it’s the girl you see every morning in the coffee shop or a stranger you sit next to while waiting for a flight. You are intrigued by every individual and crave the story that is attached to them. Plus friends from all other world means you always have a place to stay and a person to visit! #Winning

6. You come across some crazy adventure tour or some outlandish activity people are doing in a country you’ve never been to while scrolling through your Facebook feed and your first reaction is to plan your next trip to that country.

Because you just have to try it, cue booking flights you probably can’t afford!

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7. You are a go with the flow kinda human, you don’t let negative experiences get you down or ruin your adventure.

If something goes wrong, a delayed flight for instance, can I get an fml!? You can take calm yourself, take a deep breath and shrug it off. It’s okay, more time spent duty-free shopping!

8. You are forever broke and will never be able to afford a house, and even if you wanted to, you aren’t sure you’d want one!

You could happily keep travelling for the rest of your life and for now, you are envious of those who have found themselves a career that allows them to live a well-travelled life!


9. I don’t know about you but I have a thing for maps.

I’m seriously obsessed! My bedroom is littered with canvases of the world and scratch it maps. My phone case, you guessed it! A world map! I just adore maps. and like me, you think they’re  the greatest things to decorate with, mostly because anytime you get reminiscent of your past travel, it inspires you to start planning your next grand adventure!

10. You can sleep ANYWHERE.

It is truly an art form, and I am completely jealous of those it comes naturally to. You can drift into a blissful sleep in grotty, overcrowded and loud hostel rooms, count sheep folded into uncomfortable economy seats on a plane and catch some Zs on a rickety overnight train. No place or time can get between you and your beauty sleep! Anywhere, anytime – nap time is never a chore!


11. The question is always, where to next!?

And boy what a challenging question it can be! There are SO MANY places around this beautiful world, you crave to see and you just want to hop on a plane and see them all. Unfortunately, a lot of the time your funds don’t permit such adventures but it sure doesn’t stop you from planning! You gotta see it ALL!

12. You spend a lot of your time on google translate, especially before a big trip.

Every time you plan to be fluent in the native language and I mean in your dreams you sure are. You have a brain full of phrases from countries all over the world.


13. You really just don’t understand people who don’t own a passport.

It’s not that you think travelling makes you better than anyone, obviously, makes you more worldly and probably encourages your curiosity but it’s more just like, How could you not want to explore and travel the entire, crazy, beautiful world? I mean, have you SEEN this gorgeous planet.

14. You have internet browser full of bookmarked Contiki tours for countries all over the world.

You have a list of dream hotels and a checklist of must-do activities! You have at least 5 perfect dream trips you’ve already religiously researched and daydreamed over.  Yep, you’re already well prepared for the moment you come across a large sum of cash, you won’t be seeing me for awhile!


15.  You’ve held on to a demolished item of clothing or shoes because the rips, drained colour and wear on them all have corresponding stories from abroad.

Falling out of a raft in torrential rain kinda stories.

16. You know every tip and trick there is to pack light and pack smart.

You have carefully concocted the perfect strategy to pack everything into your case with room left to spare. Plus you know your must haves when you are trapped in a giant flying tin can for a long haul flight. Keep moisturised!!


17. You have a huge collection of plane tickets from all of your trips, domestic and international.

You can recall each flight that goes along with the ticket!

18. The thought of your passport expiring causes you an immense amount of pain!

Why can’t I keep the same one, I can never fill all the pages in my passport! SIGH

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19. Planning your trip is just as exciting as the trip itself,  the planning, research and build up that gets you oh so excited.

Your perfect trip is just a google away!

20. You are forever checking flight and tour prices.

I mean you never know when a sale will pop up and save you a tonne of money. Forever fueling your wanderlust!


Time to travel! Where to next, wanderluster? Share in the comments below!
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