10 Things We Miss About Amy Winehouse

Its been seven years since the sweet jazzy voice of Amy Jade Winehouse left this world. However we can always listen to her voice thanks to her new documentary that released two years ago. That documentary has always stuck with me, in that it provide an insight to which we’ve never seen about Amy Winehouse. The documentary shows the ups and downs of her life,  including the early stages of her growing up. If you haven’t watched it, then you definitely should, I highly recommend it.

1. Her Voice

Her unique jazzy voice was inspired by Donald Washington, Tony Bennet, Munk just to name a few. Amy’s voice separates Amy from other musicians like today. Amy wrote her own songs and worked towards her freedom for working for herself, creating music when she wanted, and not having to report to the higher power.


2. Her Talent

When her manager asked if she ever thought about writing songs. Amy wasn’t sure about songs, but she wrote poems. Amy told stories behind her songs, and that was a major advancement for music. Her songs told a story and she had an amazing talent for it. Amy Winehouse never thought she would a big success or famous for her music. This is because Amy didn’t think her music was on ‘that scale’ nor fitting gin with the pop culture. Amy suffered from depression from a young age and writing and singing music was her outlet, you can see this through her songs.

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3. Her Sense Of Humour

She had a unique sense of humour and in the documentary it is shown, when she is with friends and family. Amy is more herself with friends and when she is writing music. She had a unique sense of humour in a way that is seen as ‘crass’ or ‘common’, however it is never taken to heart.


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4. Her Music

Her lyrics through her music that she wrote, was personal things happening in her life. ‘What Is It About Men’ is about her young family life, and how her father had an affair and was never around fro her growing up. ‘Some Unholy War’ was written about her newest love Blake Fielder, who she later went on to marry. Amy split with Blake for a short period of time, when he went back to his girlfriend. Amy had a really hard time and turned to alcohol and struggled.

They discussed rehab, and Amy only agreed to go if her father said she needed to. Her dad, Mitchell Winehouse, didn’t think she needed to go to rehab. Throughout the documentary you see that she should have gone, and was a missed opportunity. However thats how she began her album ’Back To Black’.  Everything that happened in her life, laid the path for her wonderful lyrics, her songs and ultimately her success.


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5. Her Creations With Other Artist Like Tony Bennett

Amy Winehouse has worked with amazing artists like Tony Bennett who is another amazing jazz singer. She created the song ‘Body and Soul’ with Tony Bennett and the blend of the two voices combines into one amazing jazzy tune.

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Amy Winehouse was a talented young artist from London. She was described as a very old soul in a young body, and should be remembered as such. Amy Winehouse will be remembered as someone who changed the music industry, inspired many people, including myself and of course her amazing, jazzy voice.

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