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10 Things To Do In Melbourne

10 Things To Do In Melbourne

10 Things To Do In Melbourne

There are thousands of things to do in Melbourne city; shop, eat, visit museums, attend festivals and admire architecture. It can be hard to decide! So to make your next trip into the city easier, here are ten things to do in Melbourne!

1. Stand on “The Edge” of the Eureka Skydeck.

For those who don’t know, the Eureka Tower is the second tallest tower in Australia, standing at nearly 1,000 ft with 91 floors. On the observation deck is “The Edge”. And no, not the U2 guitarist. “The Edge” is, according to the Skydeck website, the world’s first glass cube that suspends you 1,000 ft above the city.

2. See the dinosaur bones at Melbourne Museum.

Whether you’re 9 or 90, seeing dinosaurs is awesome, and there’s no better place to see them than at Melbourne Museum. The museum has a huge collection of dinosaurs on display, which are always free to check out for concession card holders (seniors, uni students, veterans) and children under 16.


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3. Catch the City Circle.

Whilst we’re on the subject of “free”, the free City Circle Tram is ideal for those wanting to tour Melbourne. These (often old fashioned) trams literally circle the city, providing great views of iconic places and are a good way of getting around town!

4. Check out Federation Square.

See that funny looking building in the photo above? That’s Fed Square. Fed Square holds heaps of cultural events, comedy festivals, tourism experiences and provides just as many restaurants and bars. If you ever book in an event or festival in Melbourne, chances are its gonna be held right here. Lots of Melbournians also gather here to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve, and to watch the AFL Grand Final.


5. Watch an AFL game (or better yet, Grand Final!) at the MCG.

2016s Grand Final was held at the MCG, where the Western Bulldogs finally won their first premiership since 1954. Like with any Grand Final, the atmosphere was astounding. People cheered, screamed, and of course cried when the Doggies won the cup. If you’re in Melbourne you simply need to watch an AFL game at the MCG, or better yet, a Grand Final at the MCG.

6. Browse the Queen Victoria Market.

Obviously named after Queen Victoria, this market has been around for generations. The Vic Market isn’t your average market and spans across two huge city blocks. Sweets, meats, clothes and more can be found in this iconic venue.

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7. Learn and reflect at the Shrine of Remembrance.

The Shrine, as its name suggests, is a place to remember the fallen soldiers and heroes of Australia.


8. Stand in the centre of the State Library’s dome.

It may not be the biggest library in the world, but it’s certainly impressive. Besides being the home of thousands of books, the State Library is also home to breathtaking and fascinating exhibits. And, if you stand in the centre of the dome’s ground floor, it’s eerily quiet – you can hear a pin drop.

9. Eat and drink at the Food and Wine Festival.

Eat, drink and be merry – sounds good, doesn’t it? Every year Melbourne is home to the Food and Wine Festival, and it’s just as awesome as it sounds. Stuff yourself with deliciousness and fill up on the best wine available.

10. Watch a match at the Australian Open.

The Australian Open is a major tennis tournament, and it happens in Melbourne during some of the hottest weeks of the year. The tournament attracts tourists from all over the world – and also attracts some of the most famous tennis players in the world!

What are your favorite things to do in Melbourne? Comment below and share the article!
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